Meet Our Team

Loren Beachy

President / Auctioneer / Broker
Loren currently serves as the president of the company with all department managers reporting to him. He has many years of auctioneering and business experience. He has the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) designation issued by the National Auctioneers Association and won the Rose award for best business plan in his class. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Indiana Auctioneer’s Association. Loren enjoys hot peppers, strong coffee, and thick books. He is a deacon in his church and with God’s help, enjoys fulfilling that calling to the best of his ability. He, his wife Regina, and their 2 daughters reside in Middlebury, IN

Eugene Hochstetler

Vice President / Auctioneer
Eugene is the equipment specialist within our company. He has in-depth knowledge of all types of heavy equipment and the current market for it. He has many years of experience, from working in the woods to owning/operating his own sawmill operation. He is extremely good at treating our clients with warmth, empathy, and professionalism and is an expert communicator. Eugene is passionate about preaching the Word of Christ, raising his five boys along with his wife Susan, anything to do with timber equipment- and huge walnut trees. They reside in Middlebury, IN.

Nathan Lehman

COO / Auctioneer
Nate currently serves as the head of the operations department and excels in getting systems in place to streamline processes. He will travel to help conduct auctions and is one of our main equipment auctioneers. He is passionate about singing and enjoys his position as one of the song leaders in church and spending time with his wife Lavera and their daughter, Khloe. They reside in Middlebury, IN.

Jonathon Miller

Sales Manager
Jonathon currently serves as the head of the sales department and manages our equipment agents across the country. He usually does the announcing on auction day. He is also an agent for onsite equipment liquidation auctions and will travel to potential sellers to discuss their options with them. He, his wife Grace, and their 2 daughters live in Goshen, IN.

Wayne Nisley

Marketing Director / Auctioneer
Wayne currently serves as the marketing director and handles all our marketing duties. He spends most of his time in the office proofing and placing ads, making sure your auction is advertised in a timely manner. He frequently attends marketing education events by the National Auctioneers Association to try to stay innovative in the auction marketing profession. He enjoys spending time on his hobby farm. Wayne is married to Rose, and they have 3 sons and a daughter. They reside in Middlebury, IN.

Mary Schmucker

574.825.0704 x117
Mary currently serves as head of the accounting department. She loves data and delights in creating spreadsheets to analyze and show reports. She has over 20 years of accounting experience and does a swell job of keeping things straight. She enjoys reading and spending time with her extended family. She resides in Shipshewana IN.
Zach Kittrell

Zach Kittrell

Equipment Agent
Zach serves as an equipment agent in the South/Southeast with a wealth of knowledge in the sawmill and timber industries. He has spent most of his life in the auction and sawmill industries and would love to assist you with an onsite liquidation auction or consigning items to the monthly virtual auctions. He enjoys watching University of TN sports, floating the TN river with his family, and traveling. He and his wife Allison reside in Columbia, TN.
Allison Kittrell

Allison Kittrell

Agent Assistant
Allison is very detail oriented and helps Zach with a lot of his office duties. Her many years of school teaching experience comes in handy in making sure that their customers are taken care of. They enjoy travelling together in their conversion van. Allison and Zach reside in Columbia, TN.
Bronson Gangwer

Bronson Gangwer

Auctioneer / Agent
Bronson is currently our lead equipment agent at our large equipment consignment auctions at our Second Mile Center in Middlebury, IN. Bronson was the junior division champion of the IAA bid calling contest in 2020. He enjoys spending time with his son Carson attending ball games and is a baseball trivia virtuoso. He resides in Elkhart, IN.

Alvin Yoder

574.825.0704 x110
Alvin serves in the accounts receivable department, collecting the auction funds after the auction. He also designs and prints our auction signs. He and his wife Lora enjoy spending time on their 5-acre farm with their 5 children. They reside in Shipshewana, IN.

Myron Miller

Equipment Agent
Myron is our Second Mile Center yard manager and handles most of the set up and load out at our quarterly consignment auctions. He also handles the cataloging for those auctions and does an excellent job of lining up the equipment for auction day. Myron, Deb, and family live close by the office and enjoy spending time together in the great outdoors. They reside in Middlebury, IN.

Myron Nissley

Equipment Agent
Myron is our in-house virtual equipment auction agent. He receives a lot of phone calls from prospective sellers wanting to sell equipment in our Virtual auctions and helps them through the process. Myron, his wife Renae, and their daughter Avery reside in Middlebury, IN.
Keith Beachy

Keith Beachy

Equipment Agent
Keith is an equipment agent and does well with building customer relationships. He is also a licensed auctioneer. His wife Kris enjoys helping with auction day office duties. They have 5 children and live on a farm in Dundee, OH.

Allen Mast

Equipment Agent
Allen is an equipment agent in Central OH. He is also a licensed auctioneer. He, his wife Kara, and their twin daughters reside in Dundee, OH.

Daniel Stoltzfus

Equipment Agent
Daniel is an equipment agent in Pennsylvania. He enjoys meeting new people and helping customers consign equipment to auctions. He resides in Gap, PA.

Daniel Miller

Equipment Agent
Daniel is our equipment agent for the consignment yard in Middlefield, OH. He also has a local hardware store business. He enjoys buying and selling equipment. Daniel, his wife Amanda, and their 9 children reside in Middlefield, OH.

Daniel Wengerd

Equipment Agent
Daniel is the yard manager for the consignment yard in Middlefield, OH. He does well with cataloging and setting up equipment for auction day. Daniel, his wife Betty, and 3 children reside in Middlefield, OH.
Daniel Graber

Daniel Graber

Equipment Agent
Daniel is an equipment agent and works on the cataloging crew when needed. Daniel excels in photography and videography of equipment in upcoming auctions. He resides in Sturgis, MI.
Myron Schwartz

Myron Schwartz

Auction Execution
Myron handles all our auction day equipment set up and tear down. Oftentimes, he and his wife Kathryn will arrive a day before the auction and get everything set up to ensure a smooth process on auction day. Myron joined our team after years of leadership in the RV industry. They enjoy spending time with their grandchildren and reside in Goshen IN.
Kathryn Schwartz

Kathryn Schwartz

Auction Day Office
Kathryn works alongside her husband Myron on the auction execution team. She handles the auction day office and will greet you with a warm smile as she hands you your bidder card. They reside in Goshen IN.
Tim Graber

Tim Graber

Auction Execution
Tim travels with the auction execution team and will often do the clerking on auction day. Tim enjoys spending time on his hobby farm and fishing in his spare time. Tim and his wife Iva reside in Sturgis, MI.
Kevin Nisley

Kevin Nisley

Kevin works on our cataloging crew and enjoys travelling all over the US to catalog equipment for upcoming auctions. He enjoys kayaking, fishing, and spending time with friends and family. He resides in Whitleyville, TN.
Chris Kemp

Chris Kemp

Chris works with Kevin on the cataloging crew and is quickly learning the distinct types of equipment that we auction. He resides with Kevin in Whitleyville, TN.

Mose Troyer

Mose is our lead cataloger for onsite auctions. He handles the job of identifying equipment, getting the descriptions correct, and making videos. Mose is also in charge of our equipment yard in Wooster, OH. He and his wife Elsie reside in Millersburg, OH.

Kevin Troyer

Kevin is Mose’s son and helps Mose with cataloging. He does most of the pressure washing and cleaning up equipment so that the pictures look good for the catalog. He resides with his parents in Millersburg, OH.

Cherie Borg

Customer Service
574.825.0704 x100
Cherie is the main receptionist at the home office and takes care of many details. She handles a lot of the administrative duties and is head of our customer service department. She will bring a big smile and a cup of coffee to anyone that asks. She and her husband Tim reside in Shipshewana IN.
Brianna Schwartz

Brianna Schwartz

574.825.0704 x101
Brianna works in the accounting department, handling a lot of different accounting duties. She takes care of accounts payables, payroll, and getting seller checks to the sellers in a timely manner. She resides with her parents in Middlebury, IN.
Beth Romero

Beth Romero

Legal Compliance
574.825.0704 x106
Beth is in charge of all our licensing, keeping us legal in all the states we are active in. She also helps answer the phones and is responsible for our mailing lists and sending out bid books. She and her husband Jeff enjoy their dogs and bees. They reside in Middlebury, IN.
LJ White

LJ White

LJ handles most of our long-distance driving across the country. He is also responsible for ordering lunch, auction day signs, and parking for our onsite auctions. He enjoys telling DAD jokes. LJ and his wife Michelle reside in Middlebury, IN.
Michelle White

Michelle White

Administrative Assistant
Michelle, wife of LJ, helps in the office with administrative duties. She helps with phone calls, does driving when needed, and takes care of the mailroom. She and LJ reside in Middlebury, IN.

Vonda Yoder

Agent Assistant
574.825.0704 x108
Vonda is an assistant for Eugene and Jonathon, helping with phone calls, and keeping their paperwork in order. She also helps Cherie with customer service and administrative duties. Vonda recently purchased her own house in Middlebury, IN.
Vern Hochstetler

Vern Hochstetler

Real Estate Manager
Vern oversees our special projects. He takes care of getting new yards developed, yard maintenance, and several Airbnb’s. Vern enjoys racing ponies in his spare time. He and his wife Loranna reside in Middlebury, IN.
Lana Hochstetler

Lana Hochstetler

Inventory / Titles
574.825.0704 x115
Lana takes care of getting all the auction catalogs online on the multiple bidding platforms. She also handles titles of vehicles that have been sold in our auctions. She is Vern and Loranna’s daughter resides in Goshen, IN.

Kathy Bontrager

Graphic Design
Kathy does most of our graphic design work and creates a lot of fliers, ads, and eblasts. She enjoys reading books and spending time on the lake. Kathy resides with her parents in Goshen, IN.
Catherine Weaver

Catherine Weaver

Social Media
Catherine handles the bulk of our social media advertising. She has a knack for designing social media posts. Catherine enjoys photography in her spare time. She resides with her husband Ben in White Pigeon, MI.
Myron Glick

Myron Glick

Equipment Manager
Myron is our equipment repair specialist. He does repairs on equipment that is consigned to the auction if the seller so desires. He also takes care of company vehicle maintenance. Myron, his wife Sharon, and their 2 children reside in Shipshewana, IN.
Dave & Sharon McMillan

Dave & Sharon McMillan

Local Logistics
Dave is an extremely dependable gentleman and does much of our local driving. Dave also helps with coordination at our auction at the home yard. He enjoys spending time with his grandbabies. Dave and his wife Sharon reside in Middlebury, IN and are enjoying their ‘golden years.’

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Auctioneer Lic. - Loren D. Beachy - 7154
Auctioneer Lic. - Zach Kittrell - 1959
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Auctioneer Co. Lic. - Bright Star Realty and Auctions, LLC - 2018000007
Auctioneer Lic. - Eugene Hochstetler - 2018000033
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Auctioneer Lic. - Loren Dale Beachy - 2907004635
North Carolina
Auction Firm Lic. - Bright Star Realty & Auctions, LLC - 10455
Auctioneer Lic. - Loren D. Beachy - 10381
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Auctioneer Lic. - Loren D. Beachy - AU0056900
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