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Are you passionate about heavy equipment and driven to excel in a dynamic, Christ-centered environment? Bright Star invites you to explore a career as an Equipment Specialist, where your commitment shapes not just a career, but a purposeful journey. Embrace a role that goes beyond the conventional, intertwining professional growth with spiritual fulfillment.

Unlimited Earning Potential

At Bright Star, your efforts directly impact your earnings. Dive into the world of heavy equipment sales with no cap on your income, offering you endless possibilities to succeed and prosper.

Flexible Scheduling

Craft your success on your terms. With the freedom to make your own schedule, balance your professional and personal life seamlessly, ensuring you never miss a moment that matters.

A Simplified Process

We believe in efficiency and effectiveness. Our streamlined approach ensures you can focus on what you do best – connecting buyers and sellers in the heavy equipment arena with ease and expertise.
Peterbilt 567 Log Truck
2020 Peterbilt 567 Log Truck – Sold for $175,000 – December 2023 IronRing
2012 Powerscreen Warrior 1800 Screener
2012 Powerscreen Warrior 1800 Screener – Sold for $100,000 – December 2023 IronRing
“I joined Bright Star Auctions in 2019 after 17 years in the power-sports industry. I started on the bottom rung doing anything from driving, washing trucks and trailers, doing ring work, and setting up auctions. After getting the equipment auctions up and going at our home yard in Middlebury, I was offered the option to become a full-time equipment specialist and can say with no hesitation that it was the best decision I have ever made in my professional career. I now am a full-time equipment specialist and auctioneer and absolutely love being here at Bright Star Auctions.”
Bronson Gangwer
Bronson Gangwer
Equipment Specialist

The Bright Star Specialist Life

2016 Tigercat
2016 Tigercat – Sold for $116,000 – JM Logging & Lumber – 9/14/23
2021 Komatsu
2021 Komatsu – sold for $140,000 – JM Logging & Lumber – 9/14/23

Building Christ’s Kingdom

Engage in business practices that reflect Christ’s teachings, touching lives one buyer and seller at a time.

Dynamic Team Participation

Join a team dedicated to serving Christ through accessible equipment auctions, fostering a supportive and goal-driven environment.

Unlimited Geographic Reach

Build relationships without boundaries, expanding your network across diverse regions.

Ethical Compensation

Enjoy being rewarded generously for your hard work – a vital aspect that enables us to serve our community more effectively.

Continuous Learning and Growth

Embrace a culture of learning, where repeating and refining simple processes leads to mastery and success.

Bright Star’s Proven Process

Bright Star’s Proven Process

Our Guarantee

Commit to contacting potential sellers and participating in our weekly sales meetings, and you’re set to live the Bright Star Life. A promise that ensures continuous growth, support, and success in your journey with us.

At Bright Star, we don’t just offer a job; we offer a calling. Be part of a mission that blends professional aspirations with spiritual growth, all while thriving in the exciting world of heavy equipment sales. If you’re ready to transform your career into a fulfilling journey, join us and live the Bright Star Specialist Life. Apply now and start shaping your future while making a meaningful impact in the world.

Join The Bright Star Team

Meet Our Equipment Specialists

Jonathon Miller

Chief Sales Officer
Jonathon leads our sales department, overseeing equipment specialists nationwide and managing announcements on auction days. He’s instrumental in recruiting and training new agents. Jonathon, his wife Grace, and their two daughters reside in Goshen, IN.
Zach Kittrell

Zach Kittrell

Sawmill Liquidation Specialist
Zach serves as an equipment specialist in the South/Southeast with a wealth of knowledge in the sawmill and timber industries. He has spent most of his life in the auction and sawmill industries and would love to assist you with an onsite liquidation auction or consigning items to the monthly virtual auctions. He enjoys watching University of TN sports, floating the TN river with his family, and traveling. He and his wife Allison reside in Columbia, TN.
Allison Kittrell

Allison Kittrell

Sawmill Liquidation Specialist
Allison is very detail oriented and helps Zach with a lot of his office duties. Her many years of school teaching experience comes in handy in making sure that their customers are taken care of. They enjoy travelling together in their conversion van. Allison and Zach reside in Columbia, TN.

Daniel Stoltzfus

Liquidation Specialist in Training / Auctioneer
Daniel is an equipment specialist in Pennsylvania. He enjoys meeting new people and helping customers consign equipment to auctions. He resides in Gap, PA.

Myron Nissley

In House Equipment Specialist
Myron is our in-house virtual equipment auction specialist. He receives a lot of phone calls from prospective sellers wanting to sell equipment in our Virtual auctions and helps them through the process. Myron, his wife Renae, and their daughter Avery reside in Middlebury, IN.
Bronson Gangwer

Bronson Gangwer

Auctioneer / Equipment Specialist
Bronson is currently our lead equipment specialist at our large equipment consignment auctions at our Second Mile Center in Middlebury, IN. Bronson was the junior division champion of the IAA bid calling contest in 2020. He enjoys spending time with his 2 children, especially attending ball games and playing baseball trivia. He resides in Elkhart, IN.
Zak Bontrager

Zak Bontrager

Equipment Specialist
Zak is an Equipment Specialist serving the IN & MI areas. He’s an outdoorsman who enjoys traveling with his family and making new connections. He, his wife Haley, and their son reside in Topeka, IN.

Daniel Miller

Equipment Specialist
Daniel is our equipment specialist for the consignment yard in Middlefield, OH. He also has a local hardware store business. He enjoys buying and selling equipment. Daniel, his wife Amanda, and their 9 children reside in Middlefield, OH.
Bud Martin

Bud Martin

Equipment Specialist
Charles “Bud” Martin serves as an equipment specialist in and around Pittsburg, PA. He is married and has a son and a daughter. Bud has a background in business – having previously owned a couple of jewelry stores. He enjoys attending his children’s activities and coaching hockey.
Carl Booth

Carl Booth

Equipment Specialist
Carl Booth is an equipment specialist from Virginia, is married and has 3 sons. He and his family enjoy camping, hunting, and fishing. Carl brings a variety of skills from his days in real estate, construction, and the manufactured housing industry.
Brandon Zuckerman

Brandon Zuckerman

Equipment Specialist
Brandon is a proud father and is married to the love of his life. He feels blessed by his family and looks forward to expanding it even further, with gratitude to God. With a wealth of experience in the heavy equipment and auction industry, Brandon is excited about his role at Bright Star, where he aims to assist our valued customers in acquiring the equipment they require or selling it at a fair price. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with him to ensure your expectations are not just met but exceeded.
Zach Cogar

Zach Cogar

Equipment Specialist
Zach Cogar is a happily married husband and father of 2 boys and 1 girl. His family resides in Columbus, Ohio. He enjoys time spent traveling and adventuring outdoors. Zach's many years in sales has given him the ability to create great relationships thru communication, honesty and loyalty.
Kevin Troyer

Kevin Troyer

Equipment Specialist
Kevin is a seasoned equipment specialist based in central Ohio, with a wealth of experience in the aggregate and excavation industry. He enjoys helping others and drag racing in his spare time.
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