Sawmill Equipment Liquidation Auction

228 Buckeye Road, Lancaster, KY 40444
December 18, 2020, 9:00 am
Owner: Feldman Lumber Co., Inc.

Sawmill Equipment Liquidation Auction

Sawmill Operation, Logging Equipment, Trucks, Trailers and Forklifts At Absolute Auction

December 18, 2020  9AM





Directions: From Highway 27 in Lancaster, KY Go east on Hwy 39 To Mill on Right

Address: 228 Buckeye Road, Lancaster, KY 40444

Terms: Cash, check, or major credit card. 10% buyer’s premium applies to onsite bidders. Additional 3% premium applies to online and phone purchases. 2% credit card fee.

Free food for onsite bidders!

Sellers: Feldman Lumber Co., Inc.

See brightstarauctions.com for much more…

Auctioneer’s Note: Retirement Auction: After 80 Years Feldman Lumber Co Sells at Absolute Auction! Log, Saw and Plane up to 24′ timbers grade, Ties, Cants and Switch tie capabilities with 20′ trimmer

Open houses: Inspection during Business Hours or by Appointment

Contact JACQUELINE KITTRELL 931-698-3342

Buy the Real Estate then buy the Equipment you want in place.

Fence and Custom Timber, Lumber and Tie Markets In place

Consign your equipment now! Call Myron at 574.229.4341.

Well Maintained Equipment/ Ready to work for you

11 Lots of Inventory Pine 2 X 6 Listen for the announcements

12 SPV 4 Ply Ply Wood

13 Plywood 3/8″ Approx 20-23 sheets

14 Plywood 23/32 Approx 18 Sheets 5 Ply Eastern RTD

15 Pine Dimension KD and Dressed Lumber Various SYP Construction Wood with 2 sections of pallet racks

15 thru 79 Hardware Store Inventory hardware, cleaning supplies, plywood, lumber, quick crete

16 Hardware Inventory Supplies, Chain saw chains, oils and lubricants.

80 Stihl Chain Saws

81 Stihl Chain Saws

82 Stihl Weed Eaters Choice of 3 X

83 Weed Eaters

84 200 HP Electric Motor

85 Lincoln Welder AC 225 Arc

85-99 Misc Motors and Parts for Sawmill

86 Drill Press Central Machinery, 16-Speed, Heavy Duty

87 50 HP Motor

88 Century Motor 100 HP 220-440 Volt, 70 to 55 RPM

89 100 HP Motor Unknown

90 15 HP Motor Lincoln

91 Motor, Gear Reduction Drive Shelf Along Wall, Misc.used mill parts Including (2) sections of shelves and contents of balance of room not already sold or numbered

92 Steam Cleaner Stinger

98 Jockey Grinder for Headsaw

99 Jockey Grinder for Chipper

100 Precision 848 M Debarker S/N D451 (free standing) Onboard Controls & Hydraulics

Mounted Motor Controls, Includes electrical wire to Wooden Carrier Pole in the debarker area

101 Precision (4) Strand Infeed Log Deck W/ H-78 Chain, Motor and Drive

102 Precision Barn Sweep Conveyor under Debarker W/ Incline Section to Stack Bark

103 Precision Debarker Tie Back Lots 100-102 10% Raise Entire Free Standing Debarker

104 30′ (3) Strand Log Deck W/ Nose Skid, 13 1/2′ Wide

105 Corley (4) HB Carriage W/ Track & Rails, Cuts up to 24′

106 Corley Log Turner Bar Type

107 Hydraulic Power Pack 40 HP

107A Tyrone Berry 100 HP Carriage Drive W/ Drum & Pump Package

108 Corley Husk Frame W/ Off Bear Belt

108A Sawyer’s Cab (Valve goes W/ Log Turner)

109 Bolted on: Top Saw Arrangement

109A Anyone want to Tie Back 104-109 W/ 10% Raise

110 27′ Corley Main Rollcase 24″ Wide W/ Dodge Shaft Mount Reduction Drive & Motor W/ Stop

111 (3) Strand Jump Up Transfer Chain W/ H-78 Mill Chain, Jump Up Cylinders W/ Shaft Mount Reduction Drive & Motor

112 Corley 636 Edger (2) Movable Saws, 40 HP Lincoln AC Motor, 230/460V 98/49 Amps 1765 RPM, 10′ Infeed Table W/ 19′ Tailing Device

132 54′ Webster Vibrating Conveyor 24″ Bottom, 7″ Deep, Overall 34″/36, 7.5 HP Drive

113 24′ x 15″ W Flat Belt Conveyor W/ Gear Motor Drive

114 55′ Corley Rollcase W/ 20′ of Spiral Rolls and Shaft Mount Reduction Drive, (2) Stops

115 8′ x 11′ Jump Up Transfer to Gang Saw H-78 Chain, Motor & Drive

116 Ukiah Double Arbor Gang 12″ TAE12-36, 12″ Machine, 24′ x 30″ Outfeed W/ OSHA Tunnel, 42576 W/ Saw Glide Lubricating System, 14′ Line Bar Infeed, Very Nice & Compact Machine

117 200 HP Motor 1780 RPM 219 Amp 460 Volt

118 200 HP Motor 1780 RPM 219 Amp 460 Volt

119 22′ x 11′ Lumber Landing Table W/ (1) Strand of 81X Chain, (3) Strands of 130 RT Chain, Double Roll Pop Up to Discharge for Ties & Timbers, Lumber Stop

120 Corley 20′ Double End Trimmer W/ Built in Wood Waste

120A Belt Conveyor 12′ x 24″ Bottom x 12″ Deep W/ 22″ Belt, Motor & Drive

121 Lumber Sorting Chain 70′ (4) Strand W/ Detachable Link Chain, Heavy Reduction Drive, 7.5/10 HP Motor

122 Lumber Cart with pneumatic Tires 12′ X 8′

122a Lumber Cart with Pneumatic Tires 12′ L x 8′ W

122b Lumber Cart with Pneumatic Tires 12′ L x 8′ W

122c Lumber Cart with Pneumatic Tires 12′ L x 8′ W

122d Lumber Cart with Pneumatic Tires 12′ L x 8′ W

122e Lumber Cart with Pneumatic Tires 12′ L x 8′ W

122f Lumber Cart with Pneumatic Tires 12′ L x 8′ W

122g Lumber Cart with Pneumatic Tires 12′ L x 8′ W

122h Lumber Cart with Pneumatic Tires 12′ L x 8′ W

123 Gravity Rollcase 10′ Section

123a Gravity Rollcase 10′ Section

124 Timber/Lumber Conveyor 19′ x 11′ +/-, (3) Strand W/ H-78 Chain, Heavy Duty Motor & Drive

125 Precision 58″ Chipper 58:15, S/N C2595 Belts go with chipper

125A 48′ Vibrating Conveyor W/ Transition Chute

126 200 HP Motor 1780 RPM Belts go with chipper

127 Fulghum 7′ X 7′ Chip Sizing Screen W/ 5 HP Motor W/ Oversize Chip Chute & 7.5 HP Fines Blower

128 Dual Chute Chip Loadout System Phelps 48″ W/ 30 HP Motor

129 Safetronics Motor Control for Chipper W/ Disconnect

130 Lots 125-129 Tie Back W/ 10% Raise, Complete Chip Pack

131 40′ Barn Sweep Conveyor Under Head Saw W/ Drive

131A 40′ Barn Sweep Dust Transfer

132a Box Chain Conveyor With Motor and Drive

136 Corley (5) HB Handset Modular Sawmill Super Sweet! W/ Chain Type Log Turner W/ Wooden Husk Frame, Saw Guide W/ Mandrel & Saw Collar

137 Collector Fan Cast Iron from Head Saw (Runs off Mandrel)

137A Swing Type Chop Saw Approx. 24″

138 Corley (3) Saw Edger W/ (2) Movable Saws and Shadow line light

140 Lot of Electrical

141 Nyle Dry Kiln

141A Koetter Dry Kiln Chamber Natural Gas

142 Nyle Dry Kiln Building

143A Koetter Dry Kiln

143B Craftsman Air Compressor 5 HP, 60 Gallon, Model 919-176-500

150 Pinheiro (4) Sided Timber Planer 8″ x 24″ Wide W/ Operator’s Controls, Shows 5,920 Hours, Includes Electrical Control Panel

151 Super Deluxe! Spiral Roll Feed Table 20′ x 4’W, (9) Rolls, Double Pineapple W/ Third Feed Roll Assist, Nice Heavy Duty & Long Feed Table

151A Hydraulic Power Pack Motion Industries, Approx. 5 HP, 3′ x 2′ x 15″ Reservoir

151b Shavings Collector Fan and Pipe in Planer mill Does not included trees to planer

152 58′ x 48″ W (2) Strand Timber Deck W/ (2) Strands of H-78 Chain, Tulsa Winch Drive

153 Gravity Rollcase (4) Sections, 20″ Wide

154 Gravity Rollcase (4) Sections, 20″ Wide

155 5.5 HP Air Compressor Goodwrench, 25 Gallon

155a Chain Saw Sharpener

156 McDonough RA59 Center Split Resaw 60 HP Motor, 12″ Double Fence, Weighted Strain 76″ Blade, Infeed & Outfeed Gravity Roll

157 Newman Machine Rip Saw (3) Blade, 60 AMP, S/N 8400

158 Cornell Double Arbor Gang Saw Model CL8B, S/N 71-12-87 W/ Operator’s Controls, Infeed Belt Conveyor (No Belt), No Outfeed

159 Strobe Saws (1) Lot

160 Electrical at Double Arbor Cornell Siemens 200 AMP Disconnect, Cutler Hammer 200 AMP Disconnect, Westinghouse Electrical W/ Raceway and 110 Electrical

161 Armstrong Band Saw Grinder

162 Wright Auto 350 Dual Side Grinder Model W-350 Auto Dual S/N G9424

163 Wright Top and Face Grinder

164 Wright W-725 Stobe Saw Facer Model W-725 S/N E9603

165 Thin Kerf Guide Mold

166 Babbitt Melting Pot

167 Saw Guide Facing Machine

168 Knife Grinder

168A Circle Saw Stretcher Roll

168B Circle Saw Hammering Stand 32″

168C Circle Saw Sharpener Acme

168D Circle Saw Hammering Stand 34″

168E Saw Blades 32 1/2″ w/ 6″ Arbor Hole

168F (4) Trimmer Saws w/ 1 1/4″ Arbor Hole

168G All Chipper Knives in File Room

169 Atlas Copco GA18+ Air Compressor S/N AP1331928 25 HP

169A Air Reserve Tank 5-800 Gallon

170 Nano Compressed Air Dryer

171 Air Compressor Ingersoll Rand

171A Air Dryer Ingersoll Rand

171B Air Compressor 40 HP

172 Ingersoll Rand Vertical Tank Mount Air Compressor (in Mill Maintenance Shop

175 Cornell DAG Includes Infeed and Outfeed with pedestal controls

176-200 Mechanics Shop Tools


500 Volvo L60F Wheel Loader W/ Quick Couple, 54% Tires, S/N VCE0L60FC00061716

501 Quick Couple Bucket for Volvo Loader

502 Quick Couple Bucket for Volvo Loader

503 Forks for Volvo Loader

504 Prentice D280 Knuckleboom Loader S/N D280P57662, Dual Hydraulics, 6 BTA Cummins Engine, 11R22.5 Tires

505 Prentice 210D Knuckleboom Loader 210P26609 Model 210D TY JD 6059T

506 Prentice Knuckleboom Loader 1986, Model 210

506A 16′ x 40′ Rollcase (No Power), 4″ Rolls

506B Fuel Tank Underground, (Removed), May have leak?

507 Case 650G Dozer W/ Rear Winch W/ ROPS and Cage W/ 6-Way Blade, Super Nice Undercarriage

508 CAT D-5 Dozer

509 Timberjack 380 Cable Skidder In production daily in woods

510 Timberjack 360 Cable Skidder for Parts W/ Cummins Turbo Engine (Does not Run)

511 Hyster Model 190XL Forklift S/N D06 W/ Side Shift W/ See through Mast, All Weather Cab, 10.00 x 20 Rear Dual 10.00-10 Front Tires

512 Yale Diesel Forklift Model GDP 155 CANPBV108 W/ Side Shift & Position Forks, S/N A878V01555Z, Dual Front Tires, All Weather Cab

513 Yale Forklift Model GDP155CAN PBV108, S/N A878D01732W, 8,719 Hours W/ Side Shift, Manual Forks

514 Case 586E Big Wheel All Terrain Forklift Construction King W/ Side Shift, 6,000 # Capacity,24″ Manuel Position Forks, S/N JJC0213925, 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine, 1,967 Hours Showing/Rollover, See through Mast

515 Contrac 708E Beg Wheel All Terrain Forklift W/ Side Shift, 7,562 Hours, No other info available

516 Yale LP Warehouse Lift W/ Side Shift and cushion tires

520 2004 Peterbilt Tractor Trailer Truck Model 1385, (Blue), VIN 1XP-GDBOX-0-4N834126, 694,469 + Miles, Mounted Diamond Plate Toolbox, 11R24.5 Tires (Ready to Work)

521 1997 Kenworth W900 Road Tractor (White), Conventional Day Cab W/ Headache Rack, VIN 1XKWDB9X9VR754869

522 1992 International Model 4700 Straight Truck Flat Bed. 1HTSCPEPONH452928

523 1984 GMC General Dump Truck Tri-Axle, (2) Dual Aluminum Truck Bed, VIN 1G059F4CXEY542668

523A 1987 International Truck Model F2675, VIN JGRR9JH552363

523b 1987 International Truck Model F2675, VIN JGRR9JH552363

524 1996 International Navistar Model 8200 6 x 2, VIN 1HSHGAER9VH446692 W/ Mounted Toolbox, “As Is”

525 1967 Lowboy Trailer Ferree Motor Equipment LT25, VIN 671830 W/ Dual Tandem Axle, Beaver Tail W/ Hydraulic Ramps W/ Braden Winch

526 2002 Pitts Log Trailer 8-Bolster, VIN 5JY2T38292P020786, 2020 Inspection

527 6-Bolster Log Trailer 1992, Tag 585499, 11R22.5 Tires, VIN 1R9D36304N0011870 W/ Straps

528 Pitts 6-Bolster Log Trailer 1997, VIN 1PELT3822VP970529

529 Spread Axle Flatbed Trailer, 48′ Reitenour, Ready to Haul Daily

530 Closed Top Chip Van 1979 Fruehauf Model EB70-F2-40 VIN May 585230 In working order

531 Closed Top Chip Van 1979 Theurer, Model ISS-400-C-05F2SRI, VIN 11-4312 (LMI Equipment N64312)

531A Closed Top Chip Van Trim Van Trailer VIN K90503

532 1999 Ford F-250 (No Bed) Set Up for Gooseneck, Needs Engine, VIN 1FTNX21F6XED49063

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