Alumacut - Complete polishing business for sale

61150 M66 Burr Oak, Michigan 49030
August 5, 2022
Owner: HSC Ventures INC

Complete Polishing Business For Sale

Bidding deadline is August 5.

Located in Burr Oak, Michigan

List price is $195,000

Wheels, Tankers, Pontoons, Anything Aluminum, Livestock Trailer, Car trim, Trailers, Motorcycle parts!

Alumacut is an aluminum polishing business. They do everything from rims to large semi tankers. The sale of the business will include all tools and client list. Unlimited potential! In business since '08! Large customer list! View the Alumacut company website here

Contact Tim Graber at 269-986-5693 or email for more information.

Wheel polisher machine (titan type) 460 3ph. Several build-up wheels and grit, a number of adapters, spacers, etc. At least $1000 worth of sanding wheels, at least 100 (well over $1000 value) lightly used buffing wheels, dust collector 5hp 3ph, Fresh Air Machine, 2 pallet racks with special made pallets for stacking wheels, Polisher built on scissors lift 20hp 460 3ph, Genie GS 2046, Buff sanding jack 460 3ph (can be belt sander as well) Track sander 460 3ph pneumatic drum sanding heads and sanding belts, 15hp air compressor 80 gallon tank 460 3ph (Eaton) 3800 psi 4.5 gpm 460 3ph fuel oil hot pressure washer 100 ft. hose and reel, 20' (approximately) roller conveyer table for washing wheels 460 3ph, Battery/Hydraulic tricycle style fifth wheel trailer lift, 4 air/hydraulic bottle jack 20t, 4 heavy duty jackstands, Approximately 500# of various types and brands of rouge bars, Buff Pro buffer and pads, Cyclo polisher and pads, 2 Aircraft drum polishers with extensions, throttles and pads, 8 or more orbital polishers, several new, 2-8" DA sanders, 2-6" DA sanders, several palm sanders, 2 Makita buffer/sander with pads, large toolbox on wheels, 3 rolling scaffolds.

Listing Contact
Bright Star Realty and Auctions
Phone: 574-825-0704
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