#152 - Complete Scrag Mill

SN: CMC001-SC.
Type: Sharp chain.
Log capacity: 14" diameter x 10' long
Blade type: Circle.
Blade size: 36".
Setworks: hydraulic.
Sawyers cab: No.
Power: (2) 40 hp electric motors.
Splitter head: No.
Chipping head: No.
Includes hydraulic unit and controls: Yes.
Overall machine dimensions: 9'10" high x 96" wide x 27'4"

Features and Notes: mill includes log turner, 10" wide x 12'6" long off-bearing belt, hydraulic pack, 81" wide x 56" high x 22'6" long 2-strand log deck, Morgan Slab Edger- 9" thick x 11 1/2" wide cut capacity, 9" x 21" overall dimensions of infeed/outfeed, (2) 20" fixed tooth blades, both moveable,  2" arbor size, powered by (2) 15hp electric motors, no lasers. Complete good operating mill! 7% sales tax. Contact Myron Nissley with any questions 574-536-2481. Location: 13760 SR 120, Bristol, IN 46507

high bid $10,000
Selling at IronRing on June 12, 2024
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