Woodworking Expert Joins Bright Star Auctions

February 25, 2021
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Knowing how important it is to have a woodworking equipment expert available for our clients, we are excited to announce that Dan Troyer is joining the Bright Star team!

Dan is well-known for his expertise in the woodworking industry.

His credentials include being:

  • Involved in woodworking industry his entire working career
  • Owner of AW Machinery- provider of quality new and used woodworking equipment to customers across the United States
  • Equipment appraiser and evaluator
  • Part owner of Air Works Auction and manages the woodworking equipment ring
  • Award-winning auctioneer

Dan says:

“I am living in the industrial woodworking field and see lots of different trends and opportunities come and go and businesses that start up and also businesses that shut down. I have been involved in many different shop appraisals and situations. There was one important thing that I saw as lacking and weak in the woodworking market place. That was a really good onsite liquidation/dispersal company that is willing to actually care about the current situation and most importantly having the machinery knowledge and correct marketing tools and platforms to properly advertise, promote, and really get the value of what the machine is worth.

“I helped Bright Star do a couple bigger woodshop/millwork auctions and I realized that perhaps this was the start of something bigger and that finally here is a liquidation/dispersal company that is willing to go the extra mile for both the buyer and the seller. Bright Star offers it all from advertising to multiple on-line platforms to the new bid-book, phone bidding, conference line, etc.”

“I've talked to a couple of the companies and customers that sold out their sawmills through Bright Star and they all claim this is an excellent company in the sawmill world starting from their equipment knowledge, multiple bidding platforms, and most importantly with a good old-fashioned honesty and integrity structure to start from and just easy to work with. So, after much consideration and thought we have decided that with my years of knowledge in the woodworking industry and my current everyday involvement in the woodworking market place that I (Dan Troyer) and the Bright Star company will team up to provide the same type of experience for the woodworking market as Bright Star has been providing for the sawmill industry.”

“I look forward to meeting everyone involved in this field. If you are thinking about selling, I would love to come look at your operation, see what your situation is, and discuss the options.”

Bright Star Auctions is excited about having Dan Troyer as part of our team. Combining his experience and expertise in the woodworking industry with our varied selling platforms, we will be able to offer much better service to both buyers and sellers of woodworking equipment and property.

Auctioning is more than just a business transaction. You can’t overlook the trust factor involved. The sellers need to have faith in the auction company to not only understand what they are offering, but to have the ability to market it to a wide spectrum of buyers at the right time. Sellers also want to know that the auction company can correctly assess their equipment, understand its operation, and have a good idea of current values.

Buyers also need the auction company to understand the equipment. If they are interested in buying a company, they need to have the business explained to them very well, what its function is, as well as past performance and future possibilities.

Having Dan Troyer on our team will give us a real edge when evaluating equipment, property, and businesses in the woodworking industry. His experience buying and selling new and used equipment for his own company means he understands what your equipment is designed for, how its current condition will affect its operation, and current market values. In addition, having already spent time as an appraiser, he understands the relationship that needs to exist between a seller and an auction company. Having owned and operated an auction company, he knows what it takes to successfully sell your woodworking equipment or business.

But there’s more to selling than just practical knowledge, and Dan brings a full set of business skills with him. His extensive contacts in the US will assist us in marketing your sale to the right buyers. As our woodworking specialist, he will work with you long before sale day, visiting your shop, observing your operation, learning about the business, and discussing your options. We here at Bright Star Auctions are looking forward to introducing you to Dan Troyer as our newest team member!

Have a question for Dan? Reach out directly at 330.749.9478.

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