Forks Lumber Company - Sawmill Equipment - Middlebury, IN

10278b CR 24 Middlebury IN, 46540
December 6, 2023, 9:00 am
Owner: Forks Lumber Company

2018 Cleereman Lumber Pro Carriage, Sanborn Headrig, Go Fast Resaw, Baker Bandmill, Baker Edger, Transfer Equipment, Timco Skidder, and More!

December 6, 2023 / 9 AM EST - 10278b CR 24 Middlebury IN, 46540 (or search for Forks Lumber in Google Maps)

Seller: Forks Lumber Company - This is an absolute auction, meaning there are no minimums, no reserves, and no seller bidding. The highest bidder will be the new owner!

Auction Agent: Eugene Hochstetler – 574.242.1100 /  

We are accepting consignments to add to this auction! Call the auction agent to consign.

Forks Lumber is in not going out of business. The lumber markets have taken them in a different direction and they are retooling to meet market demands, therefore they will be liquidating their current sawmill. Equipment will be running the morning of the auction for preview.

Terms - There is a 10% onsite and a 13% online buyer’s premium in effect for all purchases. All items must be paid for before removal. All payments are due upon receipt of the invoice. All items sell WHERE IS AS IS with no warranties or guarantees. Buyer is responsible to inspect all merchandise prior to placing bids.

Auction Items
Taking Consignments! Auction Agent: Eugene Hochstetler 574-242-1100 Highlight Pieces: 2018 Cleereman Lumber Pro Carriage
Buyers are responsible to do their own inspection to determine the condition of the items they purchase. Inspections times are available as follows: Week of or by appointment with Eugene 574-242-1100 Equipment will be running on the morning of the auction for Preview Location of Auction: 10278 Co Rd 24, Middlebury, IN 46540
5 Business days 7am to 2:30pm for small items, 45 days for removal of installed equipment. Contact Harley 260.977.8252
Payment terms: 10% Onsite and 13% Online Buyer's Premium in effect for all purchases. Cash, check, wire transfer. Cash Payments totaling $10,000 or more will not be accepted. Credit cards are only accepted on invoices with a total of less than $2500. All payments are due immediately upon receipt of your invoice. Onsite buyers, payment is due the day of the auction. If onsite bidders wish to send a wire and still be assessed only the onsite buyer’s premium, they must present a bank letter of credit (with limit stated equal to or higher than the amount owed by bidder) and wire must be sent no later than one business day after the auction.  
Have fun buying a high-quality, die-cast toy!  All proceeds including buyer's premium will go to Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) which is a Christian nonprofit dedicated to seeing every child and person around the world healthy, nourished and whole in body and spirit. Bright Star will pay for standard shipping and handling to the 48 contiguous states for buyers of this lot.  
Model A333, works for 1/2" 5/8" or 3/4" banding, new in box. Shipping available for $30
38000 BTU Mr Heater (propane), wall mount heater, propane heater
Drive on head: electric. Head type: Aluminum with hydraulic lift. Width of head: 13". Hp on head: 40. Carriage drive: Hydraulic chain drive. Has no barn sweep, does have pantograph hydraulic joystick controls. Size: 54" x 6' cab. Has hydraulic kickers and 2 1/2" x 25" bull wheels, 2007 electric hydraulic pack (model:  36HE, SN: 0620043411) Well maintained and still in very good condition. 
Electric drive, stop'n'load, 9' x 16', includes support to first beam
32" x 14', moves sideways 48", hydraulic cylinders
27" x 36', 18" pan 6" sides, electric drive unit
(1st of an entirety) Model: 38, SN: 38-1132-R18, number of head blocks: 3, power type: 110 volt over air, setworks type: Cleereman, overall dimensions: 8' x 17'. Has 4' x 6' wooden frame cab with heat and AC, air dogs and tapers, bottom dog cant flipper, and pop up roller log positioner, no support structure, stationary carriage for Sanborn Headrig, includes electric box with starter. Good Condition! 
(Part of an entirety) 5" x 36" wheels, 6" bands, no motor, track cord carrier, board transfer belt, slab dump belt, track and frame, 44 1/2" center to center x 30', hydraulic carriage drive
(Part of an entirety) 100 hp, 1790 rpm, 405T Frame, includes wiring to junction box
(Part of an entirety) Model: SSW07, Includes cable to junction box, used on lot 237.
(Part of an entirety) Includeds stairs and catwalk

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Bright Star Auctions
Phone: 574-825-0704

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