2 Day Ozark Wood Fiber Sawmill Liquidation Auction

20040 Lark Rd Goodman, MO 64843
June 12, 2020, 10:00 am
Owner: Ozark Wood Fiber

2 Day Ozark Wood Fiber Sawmill Liquidation Auction

June 12 and 13, 2020 10:00 AM CDT

Auction Order
Day 1: Starting at 9:00 AM CDT with lot #135 – #409 then coming back to lot #50 – #131 in the afternoon (approx. 1 PM CDT)

Day 2: Starting 9:00 AM CDT with lot # 500 and selling in order rest of day.


Food will be provided free of charge to all buyers by Neosho FFA Booster Club and sponsored by Bright Star.

20040 Lark Rd Goodman, MO 64843 at Ozark Wood Fiber

Do you have sawmill or heavy equipment you need to sell? This auction is for you, Call Myron to consign your equipment now 574-229-4341 ms@brightstarauctions.com


Terms: Payment in full day of sale. Cash, check, or major credit card. 2% convenience fee for all credit/debit card transactions. All items sell without reserve. 10% buyer’s premium applies to all onsite purchases and 13% to all offsite purchases.

50 Log Deck 10’6” 3-strand log deck with hydraulic stop and load 17′ long with electric drive

51 Log Deck 10’6” 3 strand log deck with hydraulic stop and load 17′ long with electric drive

52 Cooper Log Trough 18” wide 58′ long log trough with chain. With two infeed hold down rollers hydraulic drive

53 Cooper Merchandising Saw Cooper merchandising saw with 76” blade 75 HP electric motor with controls

54 Cab 7’X7′ acoustic systems cab<br /> 55 Hyraulic Unit Cooper Hyraulic unit with 3 phase 50HP electric motor

56 Waste Conveyor 18” wide 53′ long waste conveyor with electric drive and ladder back chain

57 Log Deck 12’4” wide 5 strand log deck 35′ long with stop and load hydraulic with electric drive

58 Cooper Log Trough 13” wide 24′ long Cooper log trough with hydraulic drive

59 Cooper Log Trough 13” wide 32′ long Cooper log trough with hydraulic kicker and electric drive

60 Waste Slide 12′ x 15′ steel waste slide

61 Log Guard Log guard for ring debarker

62 Nicholson Ring Debarker 35” 5 arm Nicholson Ring Debarker serial number 7049 A2 chain feed debarker with 40HP and 100HP electric motors

63 Cat Walk All by debarker and merchandising saw catwalk and staircase

64 Air Tank Air tank 200 Gallon

65 Hydraulic Unit Hydraulic unit with cooler

66 Waste Conveyor 24” waste conveyor 80′ long with ladder chain, electric drive

67 West Salem Hog 44” top feed West Salem Hammer Hog with 200HP electric motor. Serial number 367597 model 3240B

68 Belt Waste Conveyor 32” X 22′ long with electric drive

69 Steel Tower Steel Tower with ladder for hog

70 Hydraulic Unit Hydraulic unit

71 Cooper Log Trough 13” wide 40′ long Cooper log trough with electric drive with 3 arm hydraulic drive kicker

72 Log Deck 9’6” wide 5-strand log deck 33′ long with electric drive, hydraulic stop and load

73 Cooper Scragg Mill Cooper-end dogging mill with hydraulic unit. 2-150HP electric motors with controls with 2-drop down belts serial number cm-6162

74 Sawyer Cab 5’X6′ acoustic systems sawyers cab

75 Cooper Live Rollcase Cooper 84” X24′ live rollcase with transfer deck with electric drive

76 Cooper Live Rollcase Cooper 84” X25′ live rollcase with transfer deck with electric drive

77 Entirety 73,74,75,76 Entirety of lots 73, 74, 75, 76

78 Green Chain Cooper? 124″ 4-Strand Greenchain 30′ long with stop and load hydraulic and electric drive

79 Crosby Gang Saw Crosby top arbor gang saw 8”X36” with controls , with infeed and outfeed rolls serial number 36944

80 Live Rollcase 36”X24′ Live rollcase with electric drive

81 Green Chain 12’X48′ 5-strand Greenchain with rooftop chain with electric drive

82 MIT Resaw MIT 3 head band resaw with control panel 4” bands

83 Cooper Rollcase Cooper 17”X16′ live Rollcase with electric drive

84 Cooper? Greenchain 14’6”X20′ 5-strand Greenchain with air stops and electric drive

85 Greenchain 105”X21′ 4-strand greenchain with electric drive

86 Live Rollcase 36”X21′ live rollcase with electric drive

87 Belt Conveyor 21”X23′ Belt waste conveyor with electric drive

88 Greenchain 12’X32′ 5-strand Greenchain with rooftop chain with electric drive

89 Descrambler 12’X13′ 5-strand descrambler

90 Cooper Edger Cooper 6”X30” Edger 1 stationary blade, 2 moveable blades, w/infeed rolls, w/ hydraulic unit, 100HP electric motor, control panel

91 Cooper Rollcase Cooper live rollcase 30”X18′ with electric drive

92 Greenchain 126”X14′ 4-Strand greenchain with air stops and electric drive

93 Greenchain 146”X121′ 5-strand Greenchain with electric drive

94 Skat Track Stack Truck with 90′ tracks

95 Cat Walk All catwalk and stairs inside building

96 Air compressor Quincy air compressor, serial number 85563, model number QMT30ACA22SF

97 Aircel Airdryer Aircel airdryerunit, Serial number 85563, Model number AHLD-150

98 Precision Vibrating Conveyor Precision vibrating conveyor 24”X70′ with electric drive

99 Precision Vibrating Conveyor Precision vibrating conveyor 24”X70′ with electric drive, Serial number 1681

100 Precision Vibrating Conveyor precision vibrating conveyor 18”X40′ with electric drive, Serial number 1899

101 Precision Vibrating Conveyor Precision vibrating conveyor 18”X36′ with electric drive, Serial number V-1900

102 Precision Vibrating Conveyor Precision vibrating conveyor 24”X43′ with electric drive and screen with metal detector

103 Belt Conveyor 17”X50′ belt waste conveyor with electric drive

104 Belt Conveyor 36”X49′ belt waste conveyor with electric drive

105 Quincy Air Compressor Quincy air compressor, model QGD-50, Serial number UTY302755

106 Aircel Airdryer Aircel airdryer serial number U21496-1-1

107 Simonds Sharpener Simonds blade sharpener 60HF754V3

108 Precision Chipper Precision chipper bottom discharge with 250HP electric motor, Serial number C-3195, size 66-18

109 Belt Waste Conveyor 12”X11′ belt waste conveyor with electric drive

110 Waste Conveyor Waste Conveyor 12”X70′ with electric drive, ladder back chain

111 Progress Concave Waste Conveyor Concave belt waste conveyor 32”X100′ with electric drive. With roof

112 Waste Conveyor Waste conveyor 38”X35′ with double ladder back chain and electric drive

113 Progress Concave Waste Conveyor Concave belt waste conveyor 36”x42′ with electric drive, with roof

114 Chip Diverter 2-way chip diverter

115 Progress Concave Waste Conveyor Concave belt waste conveyor 36’X125′ with electric drive, with roof

116 Waste Conveyor Belt waste conveyor 18”X50′ with electric drive

117 Concave Waste Conveyor Concave belt waste conveyor 36”X80′ with electric drive , with roof

118 Progress Shaker Progress Shaker system with electric drive 7’X14′

119 Waste Conveyor 14”X73′ belt waste conveyor with electric drive

120 Concave Waste Conveyor Concave belt waste conveyor 36”X65′ with electric drive (progress) with roof

121 Cab 4’6” X 6′ cab<br /> 122 Log Deck 102” X 35′ 3-strand log deck with electric drive

123 Progress Unscrambler Progress 10′ wide 3-strad unscrambler with electric drive

124 Progress Log Trough 15” X 45′ log trough with double chains, with electric pump

125 Progress Waste Conveyor Progress 30”X42′ belt waste conveyor with hold down roll

126 Progress Chipper Progress 84” chipper with 2 300HP electric motors, model number 84 serial number 000131

127 Ingersoll Rand Air Compress Ingersoll Rand air compressor, model number 2475N2.5400

128 Fuel Tank Fuel tank with stand and pump

129 Fuel Tank fuel tank with pump

130 Morgan Resaw Morgan single head resaw with 30HP electric motor, with return

131 Unscrambler 3-Strand 16′ wide unscrambler

200 Digital Caliber

200A Digital Caliber

200B Digital Caliber

200C Fluke Electrical Tester

200D Fluke Electrical Tester

201 Assorted O-Ring Set

202 Metal Caddy w/PVC fittings

203 DeWalt Electric Bandsaw

204 Milwaukee Hammer Drill

205 Craftsman Electric Skill Saw

206 Banding Tool

207 Tubing Crimper

208 DeWalt Sawzall

209 DeWalt Drill

210 Milwaukee Grinder

211 Porter Cable Drill

212 Milwaukee Metal Shear

212A Milwaukee Metal Shear

213 Battery Tester

214 Kobalt Skill Saw

215 Tool Box w/misc.

215A Tool Box w/misc.

216 Box Craftsman Wrench Set

217 Frame Repair Kit

218 Drill Bit Sharpener Drill Dr

219 Tool Box W/Misc. Tools

219A Tool box w/Misc. Tools

220 O-Ring Repair Kit

221 3″Milwaukee Bit

222 Belt Lacer Kit

223 O-Ring Plier Kit

224 Hose Repair Kit

225 Makita Sharpener

226 Jockey Grinder

227 Caliber Gauge

228 3 Cases Multi Purpose Grease

228A 4 Cases Multi Purpose Grease

229 Case New Gloves

230 Welding Helmet and Visor

231 Crow Bar

231A Barrel Grease Pump

232 Air Hoses

233 Pigging Straps

234 Pipe Clamps

235 Abrasive Grinding Wheel

236 Fan

237 4 Grease Guns

238 Power Light

239 DeWalt Grinder

239A Chicago Electric Grinder

240 Pry Bar

241 Electrical Cords

241A Electrical Cords

242 Straight Edge

242A 2-Coolers

242B Torch Hose Set 100′

242C Electrical Cords

242D Electrical Cords

242E Electrical Cords

242F Electrical Cords

242G Electrical Cords

242H 110 Volt Heat Strip

242I Wire Snake

243 3′ Air Wand

244 Lacer Kit

245 2 Gas Cans

245A Oil Pan

245B Barrel Pump

246 Chain Ratchet Come Along

246A Chain Ratchet Come Along

246B Chain Ratchet Come Along

246C Cable Ratchet Come Along

246D Log Chain

247 Banding Cart w/Banding Tools

248 185,000btu DeWalt Heater

248A 2 Wheel Cart

248B 3-Jack Stands

248C Shop Vac

248D Solar Battery Charger

248E Delta Chop Saw

249 5gal Grease Pump

249A 5gal Grease Pump

249B Barrel Grease Pump

249C Air Hose and Reel

249D Chain Saw Sharpener

249E Shop Creeper

249F Rubber Mats

250 Assorted Pry Bars

250A 3-Scoop Shovels

250B 3-Cant Hooks

250C Assorted Shovels, Post Hole Digger

250D Assorted Brooms

250E Fork Lift Propane Tank

250F Set of Steel Saw Horses

250G Set of Saw Horses

251 Set of Frame Repair Kit

251A Skid of Misc.

251B Skid of Belt Lacing

251C Skid of Misc.

251D Skid of Misc. Conduit

251E Skid of Misc. Chain Saw Chains

251F Skid of Blue Tooth Stereo Speakers

252 Skid of Misc.

252A Skid of Misc. and Power Tools

252B Steel Welding Table

252C Skid of New Belts

252D Skid of Gang Saw Blades

252E Roll of New Conveyor Belt 36″x20′

252F Bench w/new Conduit Fittings

253 Rack full of Sensors and Sensor Misc.

253A Skid Pressure Washer Hose Wand-Torch

253B Skid Chain Saw Chains

253C Skid Hydraulic Cylinders

253D Skid Hydraulic Cylinders

253E Skid Hydraulic Cylinders

253F Skid of Clamp and Welding supplies

254 Skid Misc. Electric Coils

254A Skid Hydraulic Cylinders

254B Skid of Wiring

254C Skid of Wiring

254D Skid of Wiring

254E Skid of Wiring

255 Skid of Ladder Back Chain, Misc. Parts

255A Steel Bench w/2 Vises

255B Skid of Chain Misc. Parts

255C Skid of Misc. Oil

255D Skid New Conveyor Belt

255E Solid Steel Bar 3″x13’6″

256 Skid of Chain Saws and Oil

256A Skid of Misc. New Chain

256B Skid Misc. Bearing , Chain Saw Bars

256C Shop Stool on Rollers

256D New Electric Motor 15hp

256E Skid Gang Saw Blades

257 Saw Blade Bench w/Misc. Bearings

257A Skid Misc. Chain

257B Skid of Misc. and Spray Paint

257C Lawson Bolt Bin, Loaded

257D Lawson Bolt Bin, Loaded

257E Lawson Bin w/Threaded Rod

258 Skid New Bearings

258A Skid of Assorted Bearings, Filters

258B Skid of Electric Motors, Gear Boxes

258C Skid of Hydraulic Drive Motors

258D Skid of Motors and Chain

259 Woodmizer Band Saw Blade

259A Box of Wire Track

259B Skid Hoses, New Chipper Blades

259C Skid Misc. New sprockets

259D Skid Misc.

259E Skid of Lighting Misc.

260 Skid Misc. Chain, Cable, Debarker Arm

261 Hydraulic Cylinders, Roller, Pulleys

262 Skid New Sprockets

263 Skid of New Rollers

264 Skid Electric Boxes

265 Skid New Conveyor Belt

266 Skid New Conveyor Belt

267 Skid New Belts

268 Skid of Sleeves and Filters

269 Skid New Sprockets Misc.

270 Rack w/New Sprockets

271 Metal Rack

272 Floor Model Fan

272A Floor Model Fan

272B Floor Model Fan

272C Floor Model Fan

272D Floor Model Fan

272E Floor Model Fan

273 8′ Lifetime Table

274 Wheel Barrow

275 7-Metal Shelves

276 Pile Misc. Cable Trash Pump Hose

277 Skid of Guards

278 Pile Rubber Mats

279 Metal Box w/Chain and Belts

280 6-55gal Barrel Carts

281 Skid of Ring Debarker Arms

282 Skid Misc. Belts

283 Skid of Hard Hats and Microwaves

284 Drive Motor

285 2-Truck Tires

286 Skid Misc. Electric Motors

287 Skid Chipper Blades

288 2-Idler Ends

289 Rack Misc. Steel

300 Tool Chest US General, 13 drawer, 18″x42″

301 Universal Porta Washer

302 Milwaukee Drill Press

303 Hydraulic Hose Fittings Assorted organizer bins

304 Hydraulic Threaded Fittings

305 Gates Power Crimper 707

305A Hydraulic Hoses

305B Hydraulic Hoses

306 Cabinet 18″x36″, 2 door

307 Cabinet 18″x36″, 2 door

308 Assorted Bolts & Nuts Bin Lawson Products

309 Husky Tool Box

310 25hp Electric Motor New in box

311 True Power Table saw

312 Honda Power Washer GC190

313 Lawson Products Assorted fittings pipe, misc.

314 King Drill Press 16 speed Model #1120-111

315 Delta Bench Grinder

316 Lawson Products Loaded misc

316A Lawson Products Loaded misc

316B Lawson Products Loaded misc

317 Dewalt Steel Chop Saw

318 Ryobi Steel Chop Saw

320 Acme Junior Circular Saw Sharpener

321 25hp Electric Motor New in box

322 Morbark Stack Track (parts)

323 25hp Electric Motor Used

324 Vortex Reduction Gear Drive

325 10hp Electric Motor

326 Nord Reduction Gear Box

327 20hp Electric Motor

328 H78A Roof Top Chain 2 skids

329 Lincoln Electric Welder Ranger GXT, stick

330 Air Compressor 13hp Honda motor

331 Miller Bobcat 250 Onan 25hp, stick welder

332 Miller 225 Welder/Generator Kohler gas engine

333 Miller Big 40 Welder/Generator Cat 3024 diesel engine

334 Citgo Engine Oil SAE 15W-40, 55 gallon barrel

335 Peak Premium Industrial AW Hydraulic Oil ISO 32, 55 gallon

336 Peak Dex III/Mercon ATF Auto Transmission Fluid 55 gallon

337 Transguard Multipurpose ATF 55 gallon

338 Chevron Soluble O/B 55 gallon

339 Citgo Hydurance AW Fluid 46 55 gallon

340 Citgo Hydurance AW Fluid 68

341 Peak Dex III/Mercon ATF Auto Transmission Fluid

342 Peak Dex III/Mercon ATF Auto Transmission Fluid

343 Citgo Hydurance AW Fluid 46

344 Peak Dex III/Mercon ATF Auto Transmission Fluid

345 Craftsman Upright Air Compressor 150 PSI, electric

346 56″ Circular Saw Blades

346A 56″ Circular Saw Blades

346B 56″ Circular Saw Blades

346C 56″ Circular Saw Blades

346D 56″ Circular Saw Blades

346E 56″ Circular Saw Blades

346F 56″ Circular Saw Blades

346G 56″ Circular Saw Blades

347 Edger 36″x6′, 3 blade, 25hp, electric drive

348 Jet Pneumatic Cut Off Saw no motor

349 Banding Cart

350 Barrel Cart

351 Band Saw Blade (25) 13’x2″, 1 1/4x42x7/8×10

352 Bulder Electric Motor 30hp

353 Lumber Cart 92″x48″, 6″ wheels

354 Lumber Cart 92″x48″, 6″ wheels

355 Lumber Cart 92″x48″, 8″ wheels

356 Lumber Cart 92″x48″, 6″ wheels

357 Conveyor Belt Roll 36″

358 Conveyor Belt Roll 22″

359 Shop Press 20 ton

360 Skid New Ladderback Chain

361 Blue Hawk Tool Chest Misc tools

362 Milwaukee Jockey Grinder

363 Central Machinery Dust Collector Blower

364 Rigid Crescent Wrench 24″

365 Hypertherm Powermax 85 Plasma Cutter

366 Mr. Heater 125,000 btu

367 Thermoheat Dual Heat 100,000 or 125,000 b tu’s

368 Honda GX630 7′ chainsaw on wheels, LM Equipment

369 Trash Pump Wisconsin Robin Engine

370 Banding Cart

372 8′ Louisville Step Ladder Fiberglass, folding

373 10′ Werner Step Ladder Fiberglass, folding

374 6′ Louisville Step Ladder Fiberglass, folding

375 13′ Aluminum Step Ladder Adjustable

376 Ultra Tech Pro Fan 43″

377 Black Diamond Plate Truck Box

378 Rack of Misc. Steel Pipes

379 Dayton Air Compressor Cast Iron Series, 5hp Briggs & Stratton

380 Dumpster

381 Dumpster

382 Dumpster

383 Transfer Deck 5’x6′

384 Transfer Deck 6’x5′, no chains

385 Rollcase Live, 21′, 10″ rollers

386 Lumber Cart 4’x8′, 6″ wheels

387 Lumber Cart 4’x8′, 6″ wheels

388 Lumber Cart 4’x8′, 6″ wheels

389 Lumber Cart 4’x8′, 6″ wheels

390 Lumber Cart 4’x8′, 6″ wheels

391 Lumber Cart 4’x8′, 6″ wheels

392 Lumber Cart 4’x8′, 6″ wheels

393 Lumber Cart 4’x8′, 6″ wheels

394 Lumber Cart 4’x8′, 6″ wheels

395 Lumber Cart 4’x8′, 6″ wheels

396 Lumber Cart 4’x8′, 6″ wheels

397 Lumber Cart 4’x8′, 6″, no wheels

398 Railroad Mats

399 Pipers Knife Grinder 42″long, 2 hp single phase electric motor, Good Working Condition

400 IKS Knife Grinder 48″ Double Blade Grinder, Model 4896, 5 hp, 3 phase, Good Working Condition

401 Wagner Gang Saw 8″ Double Arbor Gang Saw with Hydraulic feed, line shaft ready, Blades Included, Good Working Condition

402 Toyota Electric Walkie Pallet Jack Model 8HBW23, Capacity 4500lbs, Full Travel Speed 3.6 mph, 48″ Fork Length, 24 volt, Has less than 100 hrs, Max Height 8″, 5 star reviews, Bought new on sept 2019, Very Nice Machine

403 Pallet Jack 5500 lbs Lift Cap, 48″ Forks, Dual wheel Forks, Good Working Con

404 Dust Collector 15’x69″x51″

405 Cyclone 14′ Cyclone on a stand, Good Condition

406 56″ Blower

407 Rotary Air Lock Koger Air lock, fits 14″ pipe, model L1-2-152, Good working Condition

408 Phelps Blower 24″ Blower with pipes, Good Working Condition

409 Pile of Scrap

683 Forklift Forks 43″

684 Loader Forks 7′

685 Aluminum Semi Ramps 12′

686 Head Rack w/Toolbox for Semi

687 Semi Sleeper

688 (2) 385/65R, 22.5 Chrome Rims & Tires 10 lug

689 Fuel Tank 23″x23″x24″

690 Steel Fuel Tank 5′, w/manual pump

691 56″ Diamond Plate Fuel Tank/Tool Box

692 (3) TSC Tool Boxes

693 Straw Pro Chopper w/13hp Honda

694 Tulsa Cable Winch

695 Prentice Knuckleboom Swivel

696 Robinair A/C Recovery Unit Model 34788NI-H, Premier R-134A Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling, and Recharging Machine for Hybrid and non-Hybrid Vehicles. 3-4 yrs old, Good Working Con

697 Pressure Washer w/heater Cuyura diesel motor

698 Predator 4000 Generator 6.5 hp air-cooled OHV gas engine, 10hp@ 50% capacity, low oil shut down, recoil start, GFCI outlets, 12v DC outlet, Bought new in Sept 2019, low hrs

699 Generator

700 150KW Cat Genset Stand by Model Sr Cr , Serial #9400145.00 , D33 Engine, serial # 66D4639

701 180KW Kohler Genset Model 18ROZJ71, serial #299164, John Deere Diesel engine Model 6076AF011, serial # RG6076A184656

702 Fuel Tank On Stand

703 John Deere Gator John Deere Gator

704 Bobcat UTV Bobcat 2200 UTV, 486 hrs, kubota diesel, hydraulic dump, calf creepe feeders, trash pump

705 John Deere Gator John Deere Gator, 6-wheel drive, 2550 hrs, dump box, sells with reserve

706 Kubota Tractor Kubota M7040 Tractor, 2237 hrs, 4-wheel drive, skid steer attachment (quick attach), tires at 70%, nice condition

707 John Deere 5420 Tractor John Deere 5420 tractor with loader 4-wheel drive, 2611 hrs, 3-point, skid steer type quick attach, tires at 80%, dual remote hydraulics, PTO, enclosed cab

708 Minneapolis Moline M670 Tractor Minneapolis Moline M670 tractor wih loader bucket

709 New Holland Skid Steer New Holland Skid Steer

710 Trailer Single axle, 52″x8′, no lights

711 Truck Bed Trailer black w/toolbox, 80″x48″, no lights

712 Cargo Trailer Enclosed cargo traler tandem axel 7’X14′

713 2000 Great Dane Trailer 53′ Belt Modified Van Trailer, with Tarp Cover, Good Working Condition

714 Fruehauf Van Trailer 1994 Fruehauf Van Trailer, 48 foot

715 Equipment Trailer 40′ Equipment Trailer with 10′ Hydraulic Dovetail, Airbrakes, 225 Tires, sells with reserve!

716 Semi Trailer End black

717 Ford F-650 Ford F-650 service truck (salvage), wet kit to run hydraulics, fuel tank, Cat diesel, dual rear tires, Miller big 40 tires, 4428 hrs, 30HP electric motor

718 2005 Ford F-350 2005 Ford F-350 service truck, dually, Lincoln welder 701hrs (ranger), air compressor with Honda engine, fuel tanks (truck and tool box)

719 2003 Chevy 2003 Chevy 2500 service truck

720 2013 Volvo VNL 670 Sleeper, 500,000 Miles, Emissions Altered, I shift Automatic, 2 line wet Kit,

721 2001 Volvo N14 Cummins Red Top Diesel, 1,700,000 Miles, Sleeper, Manual Transmission, 2 line wet Kit, Good Working Con.

722 2011 Transtar Spotter Truck (Yard Dog) MaxxForce 13, International Diesel Power, 338,632 miles, Tires 70%, Hydraulic Lift, Air Switch, Good Working Condition

723 1998 International 8100 Model 8100, Cummins Engine, Wheel Base 148″, 476,275 miles, 9 speed, Like New Tires, Air Brakes, Good Working Condition! Sells with reserve!

724 Finn T90 Hydro Seeder

725 Gehl T650B Paving Machine Gehl T650B Paving Machine, Tulsa winch, hydraulic drive, model 34F-5LRFD, for truck

726 Taylor Forklift Taylor Forklift, 9706hrs, 20’000 lift capacity, fork positioners

727 Case Forklift Case Forklift

728 Cat Forklift Cat 60 forklift, Enclosed Cab, 7995 hrs, propane, side shift, double mass, wide drive tires

729 Toyota Forklift Model 42 No forks, approximate weight 9040lbs, capacity 4000lbs, 2912 HRS

730 Cat 955L Crawler Loader Cat 955L Crawler Loader, runs good, recently repacked cylinders

731 JCB Backhoe & Bucket  4×4

732 Trencher Skidsteer attachment

733 Volvo Loader Volvo L110G Loader, 3rd valve, quick attach, wheels at 20%, rear camera, 13,350 hrs, nice machine

734 Volvo Log Grapple Volve Log Grapple nice condition

735 John Deere Wheel Loader John Deere 544G Wheel Loader, approx 800 hrs on rebuilt engine, tires at 70%, 3rd valve, clean machine, serial #DW544GD553585

736 John Deere Knuckleboom John Deere Knuckleboom JD437D, self loader, 13,363 hrs, self propelled, serial #1T0437DXTCC215756

737 2011 Prentice Knuckleboom 2384B series, Pitts Trailer, Enclosed Cab, 6.7 Cummins, 11,675 hrs, Recent New Hydraulic Pump, Saw Hook Up, no Leaks, Well Maintained, NIce Clean Unit

738 Prentice Knuckleboom Prentice 410E knuckleboom, self propelled

739 2000 Rotochopper EC124 200hp, New Rotor, New Srceen, New infeed Belt, comes with control Box, This Machine is in much better Condition than what it appears. Good working Condition! sells with low reserve.

740 2000 Rotochopper EC124 Sell as Parts

741 2000 Rotochopper EC124 Parts 2-screens, Rotor, all in Good Condition

800 318 Cat Diesel Engine 6000 hrs, New Turbo 1 year ago, 150 hp pony motor or 24 volt start, Good working Condition

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