Virginia Sawmill Equipment At Auction

507 N West Ave., Blackstone ,VA 23824
December 15, 2020, 10:00 am
Owner: Oak Valley Hardwoods

Virginia Sawmill Equipment At Auction!

Date: December 15, 2020 Time: 10:00 AM

Real Estate sells at 9am.

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Directions: Property is located on the north side of Blackstone VA- just off of 4-lane HWY 460. Auction Location: on-site

Address: 507 N West Ave., Blackstone ,VA 23824

If you have any questions, please call Zach Kittrell at 931-224-0699 or email at zkittrell@aol.com

Equipment: Cash, check, or major credit card. 10% buyer’s premium applies to onsite bidders. Additional 3% premium applies to online and phone purchases. 2% credit card fee. ”

Sellers: Oak Valley Hardwoods, Inc.

See brightstarauctions.com for much more…

Equipment sells regardless of whether the real estate sells.

Open houses: Public is welcome to inspect the property during daylight hours. Please be cautious- anyone entering the property does so at their own risk and assumes all liability.

Oak Valley Hardwoods at Blackstone, VA.

5 Strapping tool Fromm P331 strapping tool

6 strapping cart strapping cart

8 Pallet Pallet of 1″ plastic strap

9 plastic strap rolls of plastic strapping

10 Barrels of Lumber Marker (4) 55 gallon barrels of lumber marker. Dark forest green (new) still wrapped in pallet

15 Tool Station Tool station mounted on steel frame, Miller Dial Arc 205 AC/DC welder, tool box with contents, and torch set.

80 Stacking sticks Several bundles of 7′ stacking sticks

90 Lumber Several bundles of lumber

100 Lumber Breakdown System Lumber Breakdown System, 6′ 3 arm 25’x11′ 3 strand package deck, H-78 chain, 16’x12′ transfer deck with 81x lugged chain, 22’x12″ stick removal belt conveyor, all drives. No motor controls.

101 Stick Stacking System Automatic stick stacking system with sling type bin. Controls attached.

102 Lumber Transfer Deck 27’x12′ 4 strand lumber transfer deck with Cleveland gear reduction drive

103 Lumber Transfer Deck 5′ x13′ lumber transfer to feed trimmer with C55B rooftop chain and gear reduction

104 Multi Saw Trimmer Newman KNO Wheel lift multi saw trimmer. They were using it as 14′ trim saw with 1′ saw but will pass 20′ lumber includes controls attached and belt block conveyor under trimmer

105 Lumber Outfeed Conveyor 6′ Lumber outfeed conveyor with 81X chain, (7) 5’x6″ even ender rolls and gear motor drive

106 Sorting Deck 80’x10’6″ Sorting deck; 4 strand. 1 strand C55D roof top chain, (3) strands C55 chain, gear reduction drive

107 Motor Control Panel Motor control center with 150 amp switch, starters and controllers

108 Trim Saw Blades (13) 24″ Trim saw blades on wall

109 Tie Back Items 100-108 tied together with 10% raise

110 A-N Lumber Cart Lumber Cart

111 Switch 60 amp switch, 200 amp switch

112 Switch GE 400 amp switch

113 motor controls (4) GE motor controls

114 Control Panel Control Panel with 200 amp, 100 amp switches, Allen Bradley Size 3 starters, Eaton motor control

115 Blower New York Blower Company Size 224 LS shop#P02836 100 with 20 HP motor

116 Blower Stand Blower stand

116A Straight Line Rip Saw Diehl SL52 Straight line Rip Saw (sn: 73M-3262-2498)

117 Break Down System 6′ 4 Arm tilting break down system, 20’x12″ wide package deck with 81X chain, Tulsa winch drive, 22’x12″ stick removal belt conveyor with drive

118 Stick Stacking System Automatic stick stacking system with sling type stacking

119 Transfer Deck 14’x13′ wide 5 strand transfer deck with 6′ let down arms to planer. No drive, 55 chain

120 Double Surfacer Newman S282-2 24″ wide double surfacer (sn: 14937) 50 HP motor on bottom heard and 60 HP motor on top head, knives, cut quiet helical carbide cutter heads includes Newman control center, 20 HP Hydraulic pack and outfeed press rolls

121 Belt Conveyor 13’x24″ Infeed belt conveyor with drive

122 Blower 32″ Blower and approx 15 HP motor. No pipe

122A Blower Stand Blower Stand

123 Air Compressor Ingersol Rand Air Compressor Model SSR-EP15U (sn: J3395U91R) 15 HP

124 Reserve Air Tank Reserve air tank

130 Hog and Hopper Williams 32″x34″ Hog with 75 HP motor (sn: 14604) and a hopper. No motor controls

131 Belt Conveyor 50’x24″ Belt conveyor with motor and drive

132 Blower Carolina size 50-6 (sn: 5093) blower with 50 HP motor No controls

133 Control Panel Control Panel: 200 amp switch for Danfuss Compact Starter MCD202, 150 amp switch for Danfuss Compact starter MCD 202, VLT micro drive. No wire or conduit<

134 Control Panel Control Panel

135 Switch GE 400 amp switch

136 Dust Pipe Outfeed dust pipe from Blowers, Planer and Hog

137 Air Compressor Sullair Air Compressor Model 16-506 (sn: 9109-FLF) 56, 148 hours.

138 Reserve Air Tank Reserve air tank

140 Sticker Stacking System Complete 6′ blade sticker stacking system to include but not limited to 25’x10′ 3 strand package deck, 814 chain falk gear motor drive

141 Waterfan Unscrambler HE Wilson 6′ 4 Chain Waterfall&nbsp;Unscrambler 814 chain and Scymco drive

142 Transfer Deck 18’x 12’6″ transfer deck with C55B roof top chain and drive

143 Sticker Stacking System 6′ 5 Arm Blade sticking stacker system, controls as marked, above ground elevator let down 17 rollcase with (7) 6″x6′ live rolls. Includes gear motor drive operated.

144 Gravity Rollcase 25′ Gravity Rollcase (10) 6″x6′ Rolls

145 Cat Walk and Stairs Catwalk and stairs

146 Tie Back Items 140-144 tied back together with a 10% raise

147 Air Compressor 2018 Garden Denver 15 HP tank mount air compressor (sn: D180163)

148 Torpedo heater Master Torpedo Heater

149 Fan (4) fans mounted on wall

150 Motor Control Panel Allen Bradley motor control panel

151 Size 3 Starter Allen Bradley size 3 starter

152 Anchor seal and pump Barrel of anchor seal and pump

153 Zebra Printer Zebra 21410 printer

154 Closet and contents closet and contents to include refrigerator

155 Lumber Dip Tank 6×20′ Lumber Dip Tank outside with dimensions of tank being 6’6″ x 20’6″. Hydraulic lift

156 Clean out bucket Clean out bucket

157 Stick racks stick racks

157A Clean out bucket clean out bucket

158 Cyclone 5′ cyclone with star feeder and misc. pipe

160 Dust Silo 18′ diameter x 32′ tall Dust Silo. Bolt together with unloader includes cyclone on top. No dust pipe.

161 Elevator Dust Loading System Silver Sweet Elevator dust loading system. Model Queen (sn: 139377) with controls. Is approx. 50′ tall.

162 Dust Loading System Dust loading system with auger dust removal conveyor

163 Dust house with stand 10′ Diameter Carter Day dust house with stand and star feeder and auger to dust house

164 Cyclone Approx 10′ Cyclone with stand and star feeder

165 Blower Carolina Blower Model 45-6 (sn: 5274) with 20 hp motor. Transition pipe only.

166 Dust Pipe All dust pipe connect to dust system in and outfeed

167 Belt Conveyor 60’x16″ belt conveyor with supports covered with drive<br /> 170 Moulder Weinig Unimmat 17A molder, 5 spindles with electrical control panel

170A Profile grinder Weinig Rondamat 931 profile grinder

171 Gang Rip Saw Mereen Johnson 419-DCS (sn: MJ-3297) Gang Rip Saw;21″ with 12′ infeed table

172 Surfacer Whitney model 97, 40″ surfacer, top 50 hp, bottom 30 hp (sn: 16062) with infeed conveyor and steel landing table

173 Belt Conveyor 13’x44″ belt conveyor with drive

174 Planer Oliver Strato-O-Planer Model 170 E (sn: (89442)

175 Double End Trimmer Greenlee Double End Tennon Machine Model 542 shop# 613-28

176 Straight Line Rip Saw Mattison 404 Straight line rip saw, chain 95%

177 Belt Sander Timesaver speed belt sander, model 750-3, (sn: 4591) 48″ wide belt

178 Belt Sander Timesaver speed belt sander. Model: TB3252HDA. S/N 67810

179 Belt Sander Timesaver speed belt sander. Model: TB3252HDA.

180 Pop-up saw Whirlwind pop up saw with infeed and outfeed, model 212L

181 Pop-up saw Grutter pop us saw, R.H. with infeed and outfeed

182 Pop-up saw Whirlwind pop up saw with infeed and outfeed, model 212R

183 Pop-up saw Irvington Moore pop up saw, L.H.

185 Transfer Deck 5′ 5 Strand transfer deck with gear motor drive

186 Belt Conveyor Hytrol 48″x12′ belt conveyor

186A Belt Conveyor Hytrol 48″x12′ belt conveyor

186B Belt Conveyor Hytrol 48″x12′ belt conveyor

186C Belt Conveyor Hytrol 48″x12′ belt conveyor

186D Belt Conveyor Hytrol 48″x12′ belt conveyor

186E Belt Conveyor Hytrol 48″x12′ belt conveyor

300 Open Top Trailer Johnson Trailer Company 1975 38′ steel open top trailer. NO TITLE (sn: 22-75-25-434)

301 Flat Bed for Truck Flat Bed for Truck

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