Northwestern Hardwoods - Complete Sawmill Operation For Sale - Clymer, NY

1321 Clymer-Sherman Rd, Clymer, NY 14724
August 16, 2024, 5:00 pm
Owner: Northwestern Hardwoods, LLC

Complete Sawmill Operation For Sale by Sealed Bid Auction!

Bidding End Date: August 16, 2024, 5 PM, EDT

Location: 1321 Clymer-Sherman Rd, Clymer, NY 14724

Seller: Northwestern Hardwoods, LLC - Clymer, NY, location only.

Please call our office for a bidder packet to submit your sealed bid.  (574) 825-0704

Submit your bids to: Eugene Hochstetler / 574.242.1100

Northwestern Hardwoods has made the decision to offer this exciting business opportunity to the public!

Sealed bid auctions are an effective method often used for selling specialty assets that have a high degree of complexity. In a sealed bid auction, buyers are given a specific timeframe within which they can submit their highest and best bid. Unlike traditional auctions where multiple rounds of bidding occur, sealed bid auctions allow only one bid per buyer. Once the bidding period closes, the seller reviews all submitted bids and selects the highest and best offer. The winner is then awarded the asset.

In a sealed bid auction, each buyer has only one chance to submit their best bid. The terms of the auction dictate the process, and for Bright Star Auctions, each buyer gets one opportunity to present their highest offer. This means that buyers must be strategic and confident in their valuation of the asset to maximize their chances of winning.

More information and pictures coming soon!


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