National Breeders Showcase

455 East Farver Street, Shipshewana, IN 46565
December 6, 2019, 8:00 am
Owner: National Breeders Showcase

3rd Annual National Breeders Showcase Auction

at the Michiana Event Center

Address: 455 East Farver Street, Shipshewana, IN 46565

December 6 and 7, 2019


Auction Schedule Thursday – December 5

Noon – 6:00 PM ………………………………………………………….Check In of Horses If you arrive after 6 pm, find your stalls on the posted charts and put your horses in them. Then check them in as soon as possible on Friday morning.

Friday – December 6

8:00 AM – Noon………………………………………………………Preview In-Hand Only Noon – 2:30 PM …………………………………………………. Preview In-Harness Only 2:30 PM……………………………………………………. Mare and Stallion Presentation 4:00 PM……………………………..Auction of Mares, Stallions, and Breeding Shares

Saturday – December 7

6:30 AM – 7:30 AM ………………………………………………….Preview in hand only 7:30 AM …………………………….. Mare and Stallion presentation – 1 minute each! 8:15 AM ……………………………………………..Auction of Yearlings and Weanlings

Unable to attend? You may watch and bid from home by going to proxibid.com/brightstar Don’t have internet access?

Listen to the auction live by calling the auction conference line at: 712.432.8773 – ID: BRIGHT# (274448#) To bid by phone, please pre-register by calling Mel at 574.238.9469 then call one of these numbers at the proper time to bid: 574.349.8570 or 260.350.8953 or 574.238.9469 NationalBreedersShowcase.com


1 Sunshine Hills  mare, DOB-2016, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam-Karma

2 Martz Creek Lily  mare, DOB-2013, Sire-Mr Cantab, Dam-A Sweet Seduction

3 Roxie’s Trixie Gender-mare, DOB-2013, Sire-Tomke ‘Fan Panhuys’, Dam-Valley Meadows Roxie

4 Emma Gender-mare, DOB-2009, Sire-Zildo, Dam-Ohernastraum

5 Flowing Queen Gender-mare, DOB-2008, Sire-Glory B. River, Dam-Volos Susan Crown

6 Frontier Beth Gender-mare, DOB-5/2/2015, Sire-Big Stick Lindy, Dam-B Cor Tommy Lynn

7 Echo’s Pearl Gender-mare, DOB-5/22/2009, Sire-Hard Rock N Roll, Dam-If Busy Women

8 Dream of A Life Time Gender-mare, DOB-2016, Sire-DeweycheatumnHowe, Dam-Smart Dream

9 Margarita Gender-mare, DOB-5/17/2017, Sire-Governor, Dam-Gumaldine

10 Zipline Lady Gender-mare, DOB-5/28/2016, Sire-Guccio, Dam-Matriarch

11 Stonebridge Excite Gender-mare, DOB-4/7/2010, Sire-Angus Hall, Dam-Stonebridge Lure

12 Royal Rainbow Gender-mare, DOB-4/4/2012, Sire-Stonebridge Lord, Dam-Rainbow Victoria

13 Misty Gender-mare, DOB-7/7/2010, Sire-Mi Black Ice, Dam-Babe Enjoyment

14 Queen Kosmos Gender-mare, DOB-4/28/2015, Sire-Sierra Kosmos, Dam-Flowing Queen

15 Bay Jewell Gender-mare, DOB-3/5/2016, Sire-Guccio, Dam-Olivia’s Jewell

16 Sparkle Gender-mare, DOB-5/1/2010, Sire-Slam Dunk, Dam-Glittering Gold

17 Lattea D.A. Gender-mare, DOB-4/2/2015, Sire-Conway Hall, Dam-Chocoalattochip

18 Secret Linda Gender-mare, DOB-4/5/2011, Sire-Keep It A Secret, Dam-VL Fern

19 Bubby’s Baby Gender-mare, DOB-3/11/2013, Sire-Andover Hall, Dam-ICU Bubby Helen

20 Swannie Gender-mare, DOB-4/26/2013, Sire-Swan For All, Dam-Heirodynamic

21 Shotzif F.S.A. Gender-mare, Sire-Rex, Dam-Tina

22 Go Rapid Gender-mare, DOB-2/21/2016, Sire-Guccio, Dam-Rapid Rail

23 Memphis Belle Gender-mare, DOB-4/5/2010, Sire-Cincinnatti Kid, Dam-Rompaway Olympia

24 L.A. Looks Gender-mare, DOB-5/2/2015, Sire-Mr. Cantab, Dam-

25 Trot For Alex Gender-mare, DOB-4/5/2015, Sire-Swan For All, Dam-Traveler’s Cheque

26 PL Lily Gender-mare, DOB-5/15/2015, Sire-Kadabra, Dam-PL Fairlady

27 Saragon Gender-mare, DOB-5/1/2016, Sire-Guccio, Dam-Just Watch Me

28 Belle Gender-mare, DOB-2014, Sire-Rex, Dam-Black Magic

29 MJ Acres Hallexy Gender-mare, DOB-4/21/2012, Sire-Alex, Dam-Hally

30 Inanewyorkminute Gender-mare, DOB-5/18/15, Sire-Credit Winner, Dam-Yankeedoodlecandy

31 Blind Eye Gender-mare, DOB-5/8/2011, Sire-Cantab Hall, Dam-Almond Chip

32 Dark Money Gender-mare, DOB-2014, Sire-Muscle Massive, Dam-Andover Hall

33 Nat Nat Donerail Gender-mare, DOB-2/2/2005, Sire-Donerail, Dam-Armbro Waikiki

34 Babe’s Loup Gender-mare, DOB-5/23/2011, Sire-Duc N Loup, Dam-Babe’s Choice

35 Jewel Is A Honey Gender-mare, DOB-3/21/2013, Sire-Honeydont Hanover, Dam-Jewel Crown

36 Future Eyecon Gender-mare, DOB-3/30/2015, Sire-Trainforthefuture, Dam-Eyecon

37 Lady Sorro Gender-mare, DOB-4/6/2007, Sire-Tom Ridge, Dam-Texas Sorro

38 Maci Gender-mare, DOB-4/16/2017, Sire-Vaandrager, Dam-Donna

39 Moshannon Motown Gender-mare, DOB-4/20/2012, Sire-SJ’s Caviar, Dam-Buffle Head

40 Popsicle Gender-mare, DOB-3/10/2005, Sire-Keystone Nordic, Dam-Ernie’s Dream

41 Spin Move Gender-mare, DOB-5/9/2000, Sire-Super Ben Joe, Dam-O Sarah

42 Daisy Gender-mare, DOB-5/2014, Sire-Rex, Dam-Roxie’s A Rebo

43 Jungle Gem Gender-mare, DOB-4/25/2013, Sire-Federal Flex, Dam-Jeepers

44 Tv Mom Gender-mare, DOB-5/12/2003, Sire-Ilooklikemymom, Dam-Tv’s Distinction

46 Trottime Fool (Macy) Gender-mare, DOB-3/25/2013, Sire-Colie’s, Dam-She’s no April Fool

47 Connies Mission Gender-mare, DOB-2/10/2015, Sire-Man of Many Missions, Dam-Connie

48 Vianca Gender-mare, DOB-5/27/2002, Sire-Pedro, Dam-Jina

49 Guacamolie Gammy Gender-mare, DOB-3/18/14, Sire-Holy Guacamolie, Dam-Blackdenimtrousers

50 Ramona – K Gender-mare, DOB-5/6/2006, Sire-Son of Grace, Dam-Dancing My Way

51 Royal Deceptor Gender-stallion, DOB-2012, Sire-RC Royalty, Dam-Art of Deception

52 Deweycheatumnhowe 1/2 share Gender-stallion, DOB-2005, Sire-Muscles Yankee, Dam-Trolley Square

53 Deweycheatumnhowe 1/2 share Gender-stallion, DOB-2005, Sire-Muscles Yankee, Dam-Trolley Square

54 Deweycheatumnhowe 1/2 share Gender-stallion, DOB-2005, Sire-Muscles Yankee, Dam-Trolley Square

55 Major Athens Gender-stallion, DOB-2010, Sire-Andover Hall, Dam-Miss Athen

56 Sander Van’t Sonnis Gender-stallion, DOB-5/4/2013, Sire-Uldrik 457, Dam-Tietsk Van’t Sonnis

57 Crazy Royal Gender-stallion, DOB-6/6/2015, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam-Ladyette

58 Rolland’s Mitch Gender-stallion, DOB-6/2/2007, Sire-Michelangelo P, Dam-Wheres the Bride

59 Keystone Blitz Gender-stallion, DOB-3/21/2005, Sire-Andover Hall, Dam-Armbro Blusher

60 Pastor Urie Gender-stallion, DOB-5/16/2017, Sire-Semper Fi Hall, Dam-Nina Rail

61 Eagle’s View’s Desmond Gender-stallion, DOB-7/3/2017, Sire-Tide, Dam-SingaPore Sandy

62 RG Famous Brook Gender-stallion, DOB-4/13/2015, Sire-Famous V, Dam-Welarda W

101 Stones Chief Gender-stallion, DOB-3/10/2018, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam-Sierra Stones

102 GB Beauty Benee Gender-mare, DOB-5/6/2018, Sire-Big Bad Bently, Dam-Covergirl Hall

103 Nerlina Gender-mare, DOB-5/17/2018, Sire-Baanbreker, Dam-Gerlina

104 CSS Nabrina Gender-mare, DOB-4/6/2018, Sire-Abracadabra, Dam-Godiva

105 Boneo Gender-stallion, DOB-6/1/2018, Sire-Bonie B. (Star), Dam-Isabelle Hanover

106 SA’s Rocknomore Gender-stallion, DOB-8/1/2018, Sire-Hard Rock N Roll, Dam-Dark Angel

107 Howe-Stormey Gender-stallion, DOB-5/9/2018, Sire-DeweycheatumnHowe, Dam-Wygant Dixie Girl

108 Shawnee Cyclone Gender-stallion, DOB-4/9/2018, Sire-Kan Classic, Dam-Peaches Cream

109 Conways Balanced Joy Gender-mare, DOB-4/21/2019, Sire-Conway Hall, Dam-Extreme Balance

110 Cruncher’s Lady Gender-mare, DOB-2018, Sire-Credit Cruncher, Dam-Wonderful Lady

111 NA Gender-mare, DOB-4/10/2018, Sire-Gambler, Dam-Banker’s Girl

112 Kate’s Queen Gender-mare, DOB-5/25/2018, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam-Girl’s Kate

113 Jasmine In Action Gender-mare, DOB-4/21/2018, Sire-Dream On Koz, Dam-Action In The Vate

114 Natalie Gender-mare, DOB-5/25/2018, Sire-Vaandrager, Dam-The Lady of Goshen

115 Spring Rock Rock Star Gender-stallion, DOB-4/30/2018, Sire-Winston, Dam-DB Cindy

116 Broads Holy Jane Gender-mare, DOB-2018, Sire-Broad Quality, Dam-Holy Jean

117 NA Gender-mare, DOB-4/24/2018, Sire-Dejarmbro, Dam-Chiclet

118 Belle Gender-mare, DOB-5/2018, Sire-Ranger, Dam-Savannah Bay

119 American Muscle Gender-mare, DOB-6/25/2018, Sire-Armed Dangerously, Dam-North Rails Vanessa

120 Lupine Gender-mare, DOB-4/27/2018, Sire-Rolland’s Mitch, Dam-Wildfire Diva

121 Long Gone Tuckey Gender-stallion, DOB-4/20/2018, Sire-Pinetucky, Dam-Begin The Beguine

122 GB Flying Raven Gender-gelding, DOB-1/30/2018, Sire-Mr. Cantab, Dam-Lady Sorro

123 JK Newtown Cruiser Gender-mare, DOB-5/3/2018, Sire-Newtown Chocolatier, Dam-Stormont Cruiser

124 Morning Joy Gender-mare, DOB-2018, Sire-Wouter, Dam-Amy

125 My Sky Blue Butterfly Gender-mare, DOB-5/12/2018, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam-My Butterfly

126 Best Shot Gender-stallion, DOB-4/8/2018, Sire-Semper Fi Hall, Dam-Coughackgagnwheze

127 No Name Gender-mare, DOB-5/1/2018, Sire-Vaandrager, Dam-Formal Victoria 141163

128 Mr. Candoitall Gender-stallion, DOB-4/4/2018, Sire-Mr. Cantab, Dam-Kidswillbekids

129 Broad Stars Kerry Gender-mare, DOB-2018, Sire-Broad Quality, Dam-Karen Hall

130 Lady’s First Man Gender-stallion, DOB-5/25/2018, Sire-Matthew of DRF, Dam-Lady

131 Adalyn Lady Gender-mare, DOB-1/10/2018, Sire-Stormin Normand, Dam-Mov Adalyn

132 J.L. Kayla Gender-mare, DOB-4/20/2018, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam

33 Flight Sail LHF Gender-stallion, DOB-6/18/2018, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam-Swannie

134 Nikki Gender-mare, DOB-4/8/2018, Sire-Tornado, Dam-Random Approach

135 No Name Gender-stallion, DOB-4/16/2018, Sire-Molto Bello, Dam-Tuckys Joy

136 GB Bird In Hand Gender-gelding, DOB-4/29/2018, Sire-Mr. Web Page, Dam-Bluebird Swanddrful

137 Classic Ted Gender-stallion, DOB-3/3/2018, Sire-Kan Classic, Dam-Tracey’s Memory

138 Pending Gender-stallion, DOB-2018, Sire-Excellent E, Dam-Super Freaky

139 Plenty Of Smoke Gender-mare, DOB-3/19/2018, Sire-Striking Lightening, Dam-Good and Plenty

140 Play With Molly Gender-mare, DOB-5/1/2018, Sire-Play the Odd’s, Dam-Ideal Molly

141 Nissan Gender-stallion, DOB-4/26/2018, Sire-Globetrotter, Dam-Jansody

142 Broad Duke Gender-stallion, DOB-3/3/2018, Sire-Ken Go Hanover, Dam-DJ’s Striking Babe

143 No Name Gender-stallion, DOB-4/4/2018, Sire-Rex, Dam-Grace

144 Town Hall’s Prince Gender-stallion, DOB-8/2/2018, Sire-Newtown Choclatier, Dam-Bubby’s Baby

145 GB Ozzy Cash Gender-gelding, DOB-9/28/2018, Sire-Ozzy Ozzy, Dam-Not to Shaggy

146 JK Iron Dollar Gender-stallion, DOB-5/3/2018, Sire-Iron Springs, Dam-The Soggy Dollar

147 Morning Jewel Gender-mare, DOB-4/22/2018, Sire-El Caballero, Dam-Clock Work

148 Navaho Gender-stallion, DOB-3/20/2018, Sire-Boucheron, Dam-Jerika

149 Blazen Kos RAM Gender-stallion, DOB-3/18/2018, Sire-Dream On Koz, Dam-Peachy Sue

150 D.J.S. Cindy Gender-mare, DOB-5/1/2018, Sire-Toocool ForSchool, Dam-Chrome Wheels

151 SPF Talise Gender-mare, DOB-4/18/2018, Sire-Pretty Blaze, Dam

152 WR Ozzysteen Gender-stallion, DOB-5/22/2019, Sire-Ozzy Ozzy, Dam-Janne – Keur

153 LKs Princess Gender-mare, DOB-3/15/2019, Sire-Lawbreker, Dam-NDF Paulasteen

154 Tabbycheatumnhowe Gender-mare, DOB-2019, Sire-DeweycheatumnHowe, Dam-Tab On The Rocks

155 SA’s Diamond Gender-stallion, DOB-2019, Sire-Lucky Jumper, Dam-Handover Dilbert

156 F.S.A. Hotzif Totzif Gender-mare, DOB-6/17/2019, Sire-Sander Van’t Sonnis, Dam-Jonie F.S.A.

157 Skys Pretty Lady Gender-mare, DOB-4/11/2019, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam-Yepperdeedoo

158 Ozzy Pleasure Gender-stallion, DOB-6/4/2019, Sire-Ozzy Ozzy, Dam-Jills Flash

159 CS Orenthia Gender-stallion, DOB-5/6/2019, Sire-Kine X, Dam-Godiva

160 Nixon Dewy Gender-stallion, DOB-3/23/2019, Sire-DeweycheatumnHowe, Dam-Chamane

161 HoofBeat’s Ikerna Gender-mare, DOB-4/8/2019, Sire-Gambler, Dam-Classy Compeer

162 Miss Anson Gender-mare, DOB-6/18/2019, Sire-Mister Anson, Dam-Jackie No

163 Railsinthepine Gender-stallion, DOB-2/8/2019, Sire-Pinetucky, Dam-Vanilla B

164 Sloping Hills Krystal Gender-mare, DOB-4/27/2019, Sire-Newtown Choclatier, Dam-Beauty

165 Amazing Grace Gender-mare, DOB-5/3/2019, Sire-Dr. Gump, Dam-Delcrest Grace

166 YNZE’S Rose Gender-mare, DOB-4/13/2019, Sire-YNZE K, Dam-Chips and Salsa

167 O.D. Miss Star Gender-mare, DOB-4/22/2019, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam-Gidger Girl

168 Pending Gender-stallion, DOB-4/13/2019, Sire-Mr. Hard Rock, Dam-Bluer than Blue

169 Sparks of Flame Gender-stallion, DOB-4/29/2019, Sire-Flamewalker, Dam-Sparkle

170 Hurricaneinthesky Gender-mare, DOB-3/12/2019, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam-Hurricane Honey

171 Stormy Gender-stallion, DOB-7/13/2019, Sire-Rolland’s Mitch, Dam-Misty

172 My Tucky Gender-stallion, DOB-3/28/2019, Sire-Pinetucky, Dam-My Chere

173 Sleek Sem Fi Gender-stallion, DOB-6/26/2019, Sire-Semper Fi Hall, Dam-Sleek N Savage

174 Pending Gender-stallion, DOB-5/19/2019, Sire-Mohegan Hanover, Dam-Road to Glory

175 B.O.F. ACE Gender-stallion, DOB-5/13/2019, Sire-Loop Of Iron, Dam-Teenage Wasteland

176 Sereal Gender-stallion, DOB-2019, Sire-Uriah, Dam-HV’s Lisa

77 Incredible Lorena Gender-mare, DOB-5/13/2019, Sire-Ozzy Ozzy, Dam-SOS Alegra

178 Dreams Pretty Girl Gender-mare, DOB-4/19/2019, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam-Dream of Spirit

179 E. G. Roxanne Gender-mare, DOB-4/17/2019, Sire-Michelangelo P, Dam-Trinity Yuriskit

180 CS Olivia Gender-mare, DOB-3/30/2019, Sire-Mystery Man LR, Dam-Galonka GW

181 A.L. Louella Gender-mare, DOB-3/28/2019, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam-K.A.L. Koretta

182 Pending Gender-stallion, DOB-2019, Sire-Broad Quality, Dam-Felina Strength

183 Diamond In Pines Gender-stallion, DOB-2019, Sire-Pinetucky, Dam-Blueridge Chava

184 Radiant Heat Gender-stallion, DOB-6/13/2019, Sire-Ozzy Ozzy, Dam-Radiant Twilight

185 HoofBeat’s Famous Dynamite Gender-stallion, DOB-2019, Sire-Famous V, Dam-GM’s Sedonna

186 Black Hawk Gender-stallion, DOB-6/21/2019, Sire-Arch Enemy, Dam-Amaris Hanover

187 MoreBlueThanSky Gender-mare, DOB-4/29/2019, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam-Morethenfantastic

188 Brittany Gender-mare, DOB-4/9/2019, Sire-R.S. Flash, Dam-Betsy

189 Semper Steen Gender-mare, DOB-7/4/2019, Sire-Semper Fi Hall, Dam-North Rails Vanessa

190 Pending Gender-stallion, DOB-2019, Sire-Lucky Jumper, Dam-Dr. Lawrita

191 MDF Showdancer Gender-stallion, DOB-4/21/2019, Sire-Izandro, Dam-I’m A Blooming Lily

192 Unnamed Gender-mare, DOB-3/1/2019, Sire-Pinetucky, Dam-Jungle Gem

193 Earlene Gender-mare, DOB-4/16/2019, Sire-Pinetucky, Dam-Chiefs Last Hoora

194 Sloping Hills Jewel Gender-mare, DOB-4/17/2019, Sire-Newtown Choclatier, Dam-Jill

195 Wildlife Rambo Gender-stallion, DOB-4/27/2019, Sire-Sander Van’t Sonnis, Dam-Wildfire Diva

196 Chipper Gender-stallion, DOB-4/14/2019, Sire-Ozzy Ozzy, Dam-Blind Eye

197 Trampin Like Crazy Gender-stallion, DOB-5/8/2019, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam-Trampin

198 Bryant Gender-stallion, DOB-5/8/2019, Sire-Rolex, Dam-G-E-S’s Krista

199 No Name Gender-mare, DOB-2019, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam

200 SPF Victory Gender-mare, DOB-5/2/2019, Sire-Royal Hunter, Dam

201 K-Man Gender-stallion, DOB-5/28/2019, Sire-O U Man, Dam-Ramona K

202 Pending Gender-stallion, DOB-5/9/2019, Sire-Istachio, Dam-Am I The Only One

203 NA Gender-stallion, DOB-2019, Sire-Oepke P, Dam-Detroit Cobea

204 Pending Gender-stallion, DOB-4/16/2019, Sire-Musclini, Dam-Bit of Chrome

205 Master’s King Gender-stallion, DOB-5/23/2019, Sire-Dream Rocker, Dam-Expressed

206 TT’s Blue Sky Gender-stallion, DOB-5/16/2019, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam-TT’s Photo-Opp

207 Bently’s Beauty Gender-mare, DOB-4/5/2019, Sire-Big Bad Bently, Dam-Marching Lady

208 Hoofbeat’s Scrambler Gender-stallion, DOB-4/13/2019, Sire-Gambler, Dam-MJ Acres Hallexy

209 Cinderella Gender-mare, DOB-7/13/2019, Sire-Ozzy Ozzy, Dam-Memphis Belle

210 Dock Gender-stallion, DOB-5/11/2019, Sire-Sander Van’t Sonnis, Dam-Star

211 Triumphant Pine Gender-stallion, DOB-4/1/2019, Sire-Pinetucky, Dam-Good and Plenty

212 Evolving the Dream Gender-stallion, DOB-5/24/2019, Sire-Dream Rocker, Dam-Evolution of Dance

213 Odyssey Gender-stallion, DOB-4/9/2019, Sire-Jeebert, Dam-Jansody

214 P.R.E. Fancy Time Gender-mare, DOB-3/16/2019, Sire-Rex, Dam-

215 Rose Bud Gender-mare, DOB-4/19/2019, Sire-Ozzy Ozzy, Dam-Popsicle

216 Cody Gender-stallion, DOB-2019, Sire-YNZE K, Dam-Remember Grandma

217 N.E. Fine Lady Gender-mare, DOB-4/15/2019, Sire-Arch Enemy, Dam-Gikemma

218 PSE Carmel Pending Gender-mare, DOB-6/14/2019, Sire-Pinetucky, Dam-Wilma Cangogh

219 Lady’s Big Dream Gender-mare, DOB-3/16/2019, Sire-Ozzy Ozzy, Dam-Northern Dutch Lady

220 O U’s Game Boy Gender-stallion, DOB-4/4/2019, Sire-O U Man, Dam-Cherry Oaks

221 Hali Oop Gender-stallion, DOB-5/31/2019, Sire-Shady Lawn Halifax, Dam-Diedra SS

222 Mama’s Baby Gender-stallion, DOB-5/6/2019, Sire-Dejarmbro, Dam-TV Mom

223 Hessel’s Chip Gender-, DOB-3/31/2019, Sire-Hessel #480, Dam-Sadie Maria

224 SPF Duchess Gender-mare, DOB-4/23/2019, Sire-Pretty Blaze, Dam-

225 Pending Gender-mare, DOB-3/23/2019, Sire-Broad Quality, Dam-DJ’s Striking Babe

226 LNS Zampa’s Zatijn Gender-stallion, DOB-4/26/2019, Sire-Zampa, Dam-Angela

227 B.O.F. Annebelle Gender-mare, DOB-4/29/2019, Sire-Loop Of Iron, Dam-DeadBoltLocked

228 A.L. Lucinda Gender-mare, DOB-5/1/2019, Sire-Crazy Blue Sky, Dam-Bermuda Breeze

229 Legendary Charm Gender-stallion, DOB-6/22/2019, Sire-Legend of Gracie Manor, Dam-Charms and Wishes

230 Gentle Touch Gender-mare, DOB-3/14/2019, Sire-Dejarmbro, Dam-Touch of Grace

231 SRS Global Explosion Gender-stallion, DOB-3/20/2019, Sire-Fabrio, Dam-Emma

232 Pending Gender-mare, DOB-4/26/2019, Sire-Dream Rocker, Dam-Dark Money

233 Trottin Champion Gender-stallion, DOB-4/10/2019, Sire-Ozzy Ozzy, Dam-MeanTrotNJeam

234 Four Starz Image Gender-mare, DOB-5/17/2019, Sire-Zorg Wijk Jock, Dam-OH MY

235 Temper Diamond Gender-stallion, DOB-4/22/2019, Sire-Semper Fi Hall, Dam-Jewel is a Honey

236 Northeast Image Gender-stallion, DOB-6/5/2019, Sire-Northeast, Dam-Sandy Rose

237 Flame Gender-mare, DOB-6/5/2019, Sire-Mr. Hard Rock, Dam-Red Rum Rendezvous

238 Oleva Gender-mare, DOB-4/18/2019, Sire-Jaleet, Dam-Emy Duca

239 NA Gender-gelding, DOB-1/19/2019, Sire-Grogan, Dam-Noble Amour

240 Pending Gender-stallion, DOB-5/27/2019, Sire-Semper Fi Hall, Dam-Clock Work

242 Fridse’s Future Gender-, DOB-2019, Sire-Fridse # 423, Dam-First Train Home

243 Lonestar Uno Gender-mare, DOB-4/6/2019, Sire-Big Bad Bently, Dam-Marsy

244 Queen of the Range Gender-mare, DOB-6/4/2019, Sire-Ranger, Dam-Hannahsteen

245 Dixie Darlin Gender-mare, DOB-3/5/2019, Sire-Zampa, Dam-Emily

501 Ranger Gender-stallion, DOB-2004, Sire-Trevor, Dam-Belissama Bell

502 Credit Cruncher Gender-stallion, DOB-2/13/2012, Sire-Credit Winner, Dam-Vallaire

503 Rolex Gender-stallion, DOB-4/12/2015, Sire-Winston, Dam-MMs Yeehaw Madona

504 Delcrest Grace Gender-mare, DOB-5/3/2006, Sire-Son of Grace, Dam-Cindy As Is

505 Oepke P. Gender-mare, DOB-8/13/2012, Sire-Sipke 450, Dam-Miranda P.

506 Mr. Hard Rock Gender-stallion, DOB-3/8/2011, Sire-Hard Rock N Roll, Dam-Rosy Future

507 Mister Anson Gender-stallion, DOB-5/1/2011, Sire-Conway Hall, Dam-Blackberry Hanover

508 Newtown Chocolatier Gender-stallion, DOB-2008, Sire-Chocolatier, Dam

509 Dream Rocker Gender-stallion, DOB-2011, Sire-Hard Rock N Roll, Dam-Super Dreamer

510 Rex F.S.A. Gender-stallion, DOB-4/20/1999, Sire-Trevor, Dam-Abby

511 Crazy Blue Sky Gender-stallion, DOB-5/24/2010, Sire-Crazed, Dam-Blue Skies Hanover

512 Dewey Chip Gender-stallion, DOB-5/1/2017, Sire-DeweycheatumnHowe, Dam-Spring Break Lindy

513 Beluzhnik Gender-stallion, DOB-2014, Sire-Bereskiet, Dam-Beluzhnita

514 Loop of Iron Gender-stallion, DOB-2011, Sire-Dac N loup, Dam-Iron Girl

515 Mind Your Manners Gender-stallion, DOB-5/10/2014, Sire-DeweycheatumnHowe, Dam-Venus Hall

516 Reach for Glory Gender-stallion, DOB-, Sire-, Dam

517 Mr. Web Page Gender-stallion, DOB-2008, Sire-Muscles Yankee, Dam-India Hall

518 NDF Paulasteen Gender-mare, DOB-4/26/2014, Sire-Dondersteen, Dam-O Narutax Paula

519 Ulco. E Gender-stallion, DOB-5/26/2014, Sire-Tsjalle, Dam-Bregtje

520 Arch Enemy Gender-stallion, DOB-4/25/2014, Sire-Arch Angel, Dam-MS Naughty But Nice

521 Broad Quality Gender-, DOB-, Sire-Broadway Hall, Dam-Great Quanity

522 Rev N Roll Gender-stallion, DOB-4/15/2017, Sire-Hard Rock N Roll, Dam-EZ Starrin

523 SOS Alegra Gender-mare, DOB-4/3/2009, Sire-Incredible Abe, Dam-Monteleone

524 Zhasmin Gender-stallion, DOB-2015, Sire-Bereskiet, Dam-Zhurauka

525 Show Ticket Gender-stallion, DOB-5/19/2010, Sire-Broadway Hall, Dam-Amity’s Winner

526 Casino King Deo Gender-stallion, DOB-4/20/2015, Sire-Credit Winner, Dam

528 Eagle Eye Gender-stallion, DOB-5/18/2016, Sire-Semper Fi Hall, Dam-Inquirer


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Bright Star Realty and Auctions
Phone: 574-825-0704
Email: lb@brightstarauctions.com

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11751 CR 12 · Middlebury IN 46540
Phone - (574) 825-0704

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