Dutch Pantry – Store Liquidation Auction

5938 US 10 Evart MI 49631
December 27, 2019, 10:00 am
Owner: Omer Miller

Dutch Pantry – Store and Deli Liquidation Auction

Coolers ~ Registers ~ Slicers~ Shelving~ Inventory At Absolute Auction!


Date: December 27, 2019 Time: 10:00 AM real estate, immediately followed by store liquidation

Directions: 2.5 miles east of Evart Michigan on US 10.

Address: 5938 US 10 Evart MI 49631


Check out these Auction Highlights!

Lot#3 Mettler Toledo Scale
Lot #11 Store Shelving – Display Racks
Lot #99 Mettler Toledo Scale
Lot #100 MSV 31X Vacuum Seal 
Lot #123 Hussman Cooler Compressor
Lot #124 Carrier X2 2100 Advance refrigerator units
Lot #126 4-door walk-in cooler glass door fronts 
Lot #142 8′ Carrier Tyler display cooler 
Lot #145 Ishida deli scales


Terms: Cash, check, or major credit card same as cash. Ten percent buyer’s premium for onsite bidders and 13% for offsite bidders. Any announcements made day of auction take precedence over printed matter.

Auctioneer’s Note: Clean lineup of name-brand store and deli equipment selling with no minimums!

Open houses: Contact Loren 574.238.5292

Uncatalogued inventory items to be sold:

Please note, the store will be open until close to auction date so inventory may change. All remaining inventory will be sold to the highest bidder at auction prices!

Store and Deli Liquidation!

No minimums, no reserves!

Online and phone bidding available!


Multiple styles of hats from boy’s to men’s sizes

All sizes of thick socks, and thin socks

Hairnets, hair bands, combs and brushes

Lots of baby blankets, bibs, burp cloths, pampers

Lots of shampoo, lotion

Candles Toys Insect killers, mouse traps

Lighter fluids

Campfire roasting sticks, citronella candles

Plastic ware

Plastic wrap, freezer paper, aluminum foil

Canning Jar lids

All sizes of freezer bags

Canning Jars

Bread pans

Sand rakes

Engraved Heartwood Hollow signs

Assortment of toys, jump ropes, train sets, etc.

First aid care kits

Gift bags

School supplies

Bed sheets

Assortment of handmade baskets


Coloring books


All sizes of gloves

Kitchen utensils

Assorted Rada cutlery

Swanson and Natures Sunshine vitamins and herbs

different kinds of coffees

Assortment of canned goods

Assortment of mixes

Lots of Seasonings and herbs and Oils

Assortment of J&J’s pies


Liquid seasonings and sauces

Miracle Whip, ketchup, mustard, ranch, etc.


Peanut butter

Lots of canned things

Assortment of jams



Cough drops

Hot drink mixes

Canned peaches canned salsas, sauces, and butters

Dried fruits

Donut and pie crust mixes

Corn Meal

Cracked Wheat


Canned soups

Dry Milk

Breading and frying mixes

Dry ingredients

Candies= gummies, hard candies, mints, etc


Maple syrup

Raw honey

All different kinds of Flour Sugar Flake oats Quick oats Popcorn Assortment of cereals Salts Pie fillings Nuts, peanuts Corn syrup Molasses Honey comb Permaflo, clear jel, corn starch, etc. Buttermilk Xanthum gun

Cookie mixes

Chocolate covered candies

Assorted Dip mixes

Lots of teas

Smoothie mixes

Cappucino mixes

Apple cider

Flax meal, almond meal, etc

Peter’s caramel

Dish soap

Fabric softeners

Lots of head and neck scarves

Assorted stocking caps

Health care items

Sheets sets

Assortment of cards

Lots of children’s books

Cleaning supplies

Toiler paper, paper towels, etc

Dice and slice choppers

Pitchers, plates, soup bowls, tumblers, etc

Pie plates and muffin pans kitchen shears

Mold and mildew remover

Cleaners for bathroom, kitchen, etc

Laundry soaps and sprays

Oven cleaners

Floor cleaners

Body washes and soaps

Assortment of Post cereals

Pizza sauce, tomato paste, sloppy joe sauce, etc

Egg beaters


Stainless Steel utensils

Stainless steel pails

Tin buckets


Windshield washer fluid

Plastic buckets

Solar powered lighted driveway marker

Leaf rakes

Two Old Goats

assorted sizes lotions and soaps

B & W Ointment

Botanic Spa and Swanson’s Aromatherapy assortment of essential oils

Oil Filters

EZ Fire Firewood Starters

Solar lamp poles

Saftey vests and lights


Poly Tarps

Toothpastes and mouthwashes

Handwash soaps

Sun screen lotions and gels

Deodorant sticks

Bleach, Awesome cleaner, etc. Shampoos and conditioners

Freezer containers

Hamilton Beach Kettles

Carpet cleaner

Body cloths Bath towels

Flower pots Wall mop heads Table covers Kitchen dishcloths and towels Song books Cookbooks

Holy Bible

Lots and lots of books

Seed starter trays Garbage bags

Measuring cup sets

Grocery Items Lots of bottled juices, soda, and water

Lots of milk Dairy products, cream cheese, cheeses, etc

Assortment of breads Smoked meats

Packaged meats

Fresh vegetables and fruit

Ice creams Cakes and pies

Lots of packaged items: Curly fries, corn dogs, breakfast sandwiches

Chicken breasts Shrimp Steak burger patties

mixed vegetables Bratwurst Baby back ribs

Chicken thighs Whipped topping Cinnamon rolls

1 Cash register -Sharp XE-A207 cash register, AC

2 Cash register -Sharp XE-A207 cash registers, AC

3 Scale -Mettler Toledo

4  L-shaped checkout counter

5 L-shaped checkout counter

11-70 Store shelving/display racks 4′ x 5’h, shelves 19″ deep

71-75 Display rack Display rack 49 x 49 x 60

76 Grocery carts (approx.30)

77 Shopping baskets, (approx. 20)

78 Mop buckets (3)

79 Circular convex mirror

80 Half-dome mirror

81 Sections of pallets racking with shelving 108″ x 48″ x 98″ h

82-90 Sections of pallet racking with shelving Sections of pallets racking with shelving, 108″ x 48″ x 98″

92 7-up cooler  51 x 29 x 78

93 Dish soap, 250 gallon tank, bulk tank, approx. half full

94 Fabric softener, 250 gallon tank, bulk tank approx. half full

95-97 Octagon picnic tables 53″ table top

98 Pallet jack – nice

99 Mettler Toledo Scale

100 MVS 31x vacuum pack

101-122 5- shelf racks, 4′ x 2′ x 6′

123 Hussman Cooler compressor, 400/162 PSIG

124-125 Carrier X2 2100 Advance refrigerator units

126-127 4-door, swinging, walk-in cooler, glass door fronts, 125″ x 66.5″128

128-129 3-door refrigerated display racks, 94″ x 76″, walk-in cooler glass swinging door fronts

130-139 5-tray rolling carts, 39 x 25 x 66 h

140-141 4-shelf racks 4- shelf racks, 24 x 77 x 72

142 8′ Carrier Tyler display cooler

143 6′ Carrier Tyler display cooler

144 Bloomfield coffee maker

145 Ishida deli scales

146-147 Bizeiba deli slicer

148 3 tub stainless steel sink

149 Cheese cutter

150 Patriot Sandwich toaster

151 Sandwich coolers

152 Blue-Air sandwich cooler – needs coil

153 Soup Crock

154 Gold Medal FW-12 Shallow fryer

155 Double tub stainless sink

156 500 gallon LP tank

157 LP filling station

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