Cedar Grove Lumber LLC - Online Only

200 Cedar Grove Lane, Milroy, PA 17063
May 17, 2023, 9:00 am
Owner: Cedar Grove Lumber, LLC.

Quality Sawmill Equipment!

May 17th - 9 AM

Equipment Location: 200 Cedar Grove Lane, Milroy, PA 17063

Sellers: Cedar Grove Lumber, LLC.

Online and phone bidding only.

Selling the surplus assets of Cedar Grove Lumber. This will be a short auction so tune in early! Buyers are responsible to pick up equipment.

Preview Information - Contact Myron Nissley for an appointment or with equipment questions by calling (574) 536-2481 or emailing mn@brightstarauctions.com

Terms - There is a 10% onsite and a 13% online buyer’s premium in effect for all purchases. All items must be paid for before removal. All payments are due upon receipt of invoice. All items sell where is as is with no warranties or guarantees. Buyer is responsible to inspect all merchandise prior to placing bids. 

Auction Items
ONLINE AND PHONE BIDDING ONLY! Highlight Pieces: Mellott Rosser Debarker, Frick 01C 5 HB Carriage, Edmiston Vertical Edger, Precision Chip Shaker Screen and Cyclone, Mellott Conveyors
high bid $300
Contact Myron Nissley (574) 536-2481 for an appointment. Equipment located at 200 Cedar Grove Lane, Milroy, PA 17063. 
Loadout: All items are out and ready to load! Free loadout will be provided within these dates: May 23-June 9th Monday-Friday 7:00AM – 4:00PM. Otherwise by appointment only – seller contact: Noah Speicher (717) 953-5903
. Payment terms: Cash, check, wire transfer. Credit cards are only accepted on invoices with a total of less than $2500. All payments are due immediately upon receipt of your invoice. Onsite buyers, payment is due the day of the auction. If onsite bidders wish to send a wire and still be assessed only the onsite buyer’s premium, they must present a bank letter of credit (with limit stated equal to or higher than the amount owed by bidder) and wire must be sent no later than one business day after the auction.  
Have fun buying a high-quality, die-cast toy! All proceeds including buyer's premium will go to Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) which is a Christian nonprofit dedicated to seeing every child and person around the world healthy, nourished and whole in body and spirit. Bright Star will pay for standard shipping and handling to the 48 contiguous states for buyers of this lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYATxeDmuzM&t=8s  
high bid $250
10' x 18', Tulsa winch gear with hydraulic drive, hydraulic loader.
high bid $3,500
Model 848, aluminum head with hydraulic motor, needs new head, 48" x 24' log capacity, 54" x 5' operator cab with controls, includes steps and catwalk, cannonball track hose carrier, 2 1/2" x 26" bull wheels with hydraulic drive, 5' x 28' main frame, hydraulic carriage drive, support frame does not sell, includes hydraulic pumps and hoses. Hydraulic tank (Lot 302) not included
high bid $20,000
48" x 48" x 34",  7 inlets and 7 outlets, includes pressure gauges, return hoses, and 36" x 40" American Industrial hydraulic cooling fan, pumps and hoses sell with debarker (Lot 301)
35" x 30', 24" pan 8" sides, hydraulic drive, in good condition.
high bid $4,500
53" x 55', 10" sides, controls in cab, 13" track cleat chain, hydraulic drive, hydraulic kickers, support frame does not sell.
high bid $19,000
34" x 28', 30" pan 6" sides, 28" rubber paddles, hydraulic drive.
high bid $200
10'6" x 18' x 4' nose skids, Tulsa winch gearbox with hydraulic motor, hydraulic stop'n'load, outside end support posts only. Excellent condition
high bid $15,000
(1st of an entirety) SN: 111000094, air dogs and tapers, cant kickers, fully automatic, 20' long 6 axles, pantograph arm, hydraulic setworks with auto set, can cut 24' ties, controls in cab.
high bid $25,000
(Part of an entirety) 38 1/2" C-C x 75' track, support frame to ground.
high bid $3,000
(Part of an entirety) Cable drum with cable, 2' x 3' x 31" hydraulic tank with cooling fan, hydraulic pump on jackshaft, 5/8" cable, Danfoss MCV104A5923 pump, all hydraulic lines going to drum, controls in cab, pilot feed control on pump 12V.
high bid $3,000
(Part of an entirety) Mellott hydraulic unit, Frick hydraulic unit, has 54" saw blade for main saw, 31" top saw, 22" x 5' off bear belt, will take 56" saw, 8' x 9' frame, no power to saw.
high bid $2,000
6" x 36" capacity, line shaft drive, includes line shaft, 20" split saws with welded carbide tips, 120V control valves, control switches in cab.
high bid $3,000
48" bar, hydraulic drive, control valve in cab, Permco pump on husk, Timber Tiger hydraulic tank, only 1 year old.
high bid $2,000
28" x 24', 8" sides, 23" pan, screen section, hydraulic drive unit, screen shows some wear but otherwise good condition.
high bid $4,000

Listing Contact

Bright Star Auctions
Phone: 574-825-0704
Email: lb@brightstarauctions.com

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